Book Cover: Scales
Part of the Shifter Rescue series:

Sometimes life gives you something magical - if Drill can rescue a dragon that is.

The Old Tavern Club is a front for a shifter rescue organization. The BDSM club works well in keeping the owner's true purpose secret, but when Pirou makes an unusual rescue, it might just be beyond the club's purview. So he calls in Drill, the owner's brother.

Drill has never even heard of a dragon shifter before, much less seen one, yet that's exactly what the beast in the club's basement looks like. As he works with the dragon, he finds all his instincts insisting that this is the sub he's been looking for.

Can Drill and the dragon rescue a happy ending for themselves?

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artists:

Drill headed into the Old Tavern Club, the subtle BDSM club that was the front for his brother Drongo's shifter rescue operation. Having members who needed discretion and wouldn't blab themselves if they saw weird things made the place legit and let them offer safe places for their rescues to stay. Only a handful of people who worked in the club knew what was really going on.

He smiled at the twink working the coat check tonight. He'd had that ass a time or two. Over his knee, around his cock. As a part of his cover as a club member, of course.


Heading for the bar, he smiled at Fargo. "Whiskey, neat. And tell Pirou I'm here, please." Here as requested, summoned almost, although Pirou would never, ever admit to anything so... toppy.

"You got it. How's life treating you, man?"

"Good. I'm building a third golf course on the far side of the city." He made a good living with the golf courses, and the best part was that they practically ran themselves, giving him a lot of time for his true passion -- helping with the shifters that made their way here.

It was Pirou who answered him, Fargo fading away to the other end of the bar. "Excellent. I'm glad to hear it." There were heavy lines of worry on Pirou's face and they looked totally out of place.

The slinky kitty worked hard, but Drill knew he loved his job, was happiest working at it, helping people.

Reaching out, he touched Pirou's cheek. "So why did you call me down here?"

"I need help." Pirou was usually far more loquacious than that.

"I figured that much out, sweet kitty. I'll be needing more details." In the end, though, he imagined he'd help Pirou, just because it was Pirou.

"Come walk with me?"

Oh, it must be bad. He picked up the whiskey Fargo had brought and downed it. "Okay, lead on."

Pirou took his hand, fingers sliding on his, touching and playing.

He brought their hands to his mouth, kissing Pirou's knuckles. "You're buttering me up."

"I'm worried. I'm in big trouble with the boss."

He found that hard to believe, given that Pirou was the soul of the Old Tavern Club. "What did you do?"

"You know how, sometimes, I find an unusual rescue and bring it in even though it's not our usual werewolf or werekitty?"

Something like constantly? Pirou was the softest touch on Earth and had contacts everywhere. Like he was almost scarily connected.

"I have heard you have a hobby, yes." Drill teased gently. His brother often said that he had a theory that Pirou went out of his way looking for the hard cases, for the strange beasts.

"Well, I have one downstairs. He's... special. Like for real. Like oh, my God."

"They aren't all special?" He wasn't teasing anymore -- it was an honest question. He could remember the lion Pirou had taken in, the poor thing so bedraggled and abused no one had thought he'd live. No one except Pirou, who had nursed the beast back to health. Then there'd been the zebra. Talk about high-strung. They weren't really equipped to deal with equine shifters, didn't have anyone qualified to help them. Pirou had made it happen.

"Yeah, but most of them are normal special. Not about-to-get-me-fired special."

"Okay, okay, you did it -- I'm intrigued now." Because Drill couldn't imagine anything that would make Drongo fire his beloved Pirou.

"He's in the basement. He's sedated. I'm scared to let him wake up."

"You're making him sound like a serial killer."

"God, I hope not." Pirou's fervent words made him even more intrigued.

They headed past the kitchen, deep into the basement. It was clean, but... uncomfortable. Underground was far away from the air, from the sky and clouds.

Drill wrinkled his nose. "A vampire?"

"No. No, he's... Here. It's easier to just show you. I won't open the door, in case he's awake."

Drill pressed his nose against the window in the door, but it was dark and he couldn't see anything. Before he could complain, Pirou pressed a button and a light came on highlighting a shape draped over the mattress, which was the only furniture the room boasted.

Long tail, wings like a bat, pointed snout, sapphire-blue scales. Whoa.

"Pirou... That's... he's... a dragon." Drill was stunned.


"Why is he here?" There had to be a reason the dragon was one of Pirou's special projects and sedated. Hell, Drill hadn't even known there was such a thing as a dragon shifter. No, he hadn't even known there was such a thing as a dragon. They were a thing of legends.

"The slavers had him. My contact said that they hadn't managed to get him to wake yet."

"Slavers!" That made him growl. "So you don't know if he's even sane or not, let alone a shifter."

"I don't know anything except that he's a dragon and he needs help," Pirou admitted.

"And you want me to help him and find out as much as I can before you have to tell my brother what you've done."

"Uh-huh. Please."

"You're lucky I like you, Pirou." Drill went to the door. "I'm going in."


Royal Line

Book Cover: Royal Line

Where’s the common ground between a tiger shifter foot soldier and his prince?

Grio has one job—find dormant tiger shifters and introduce them to the world of Saffron Tigers. When he finds Professor Phoenix Lamoure, he discovers that Headquarters got a couple of key points wrong. Phoenix isn’t actually a professor but Saffron Tiger royalty…a member of the lost royal line.

Phoenix didn’t have things easy growing up. His mother spent most of her life in a mental institution, and he spent his formative years in foster care. When a stranger approaches to learn about his family history, he’s wary. When said stranger actually kidnaps him, all bets are off!

Can he ever believe what Grio says? Or will he be forever convinced that he’s as crazy as his mother was?

Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Artists:

Grio sat in his SUV, splitting his attention between the students walking across the quad and the file in his hand.

Professor Phoenix Lamoure. Actually, the guy was a TA, not a professor.

He was going to have to ride Danny next time he spoke to the man. It wasn’t often that the office sent out incorrect information, and he made the most of it when they did. Of course he’d rib Danny privately. No need to get him in trouble with the boss. Nigel didn’t have much of a sense of humor.


Phoenix Lamoure was a tiger shifter like himself, even if the man didn’t know it yet. A lot of shifters remained dormant and died never knowing what they really were.

The Saffron Tigers, though, they were nearly extinct, so they didn’t have the luxury of letting their kind discover themselves, or not. Headquarters searched out potential weres and Grio—or Janey or Tuplo—were sent to flush them out.

Grio looked at the file again, examining the black-and-white image closely to make sure he’d recognize Phoenix when he saw the man.

There were only one hundred and nineteen Saffron Tigers left and they needed numbers, needed safety. Needed each other.

Phoenix wasn’t your typical Saffron Tiger. Instead of bulk and broadness, he was slender, the little wire-rimmed glasses perched on the end of his nose adding an air of fragility or delicateness that Grio imagined was quite false. Knowing it or not, if Phoenix had tiger blood in him, he would be fierce when he had to be.

A small group of students walked by, a shock of unmistakable bright red hair hitting his eyes. Jesus. This one wasn’t just a Saffron. He was descended from the royal line.

How had he missed that? He checked the file again. Grainy black-and-white photo from some old high school yearbook. No wonder. Not only that, the file made no mention that this one was a royal.

Slipping out of the SUV, Grio closed the door silently, then quietly stalked his prey.

The two girls in the group of six headed off toward the parking lot, and he heard, “Nixie? You want to grab a pizza and a beer?”

I don’t know. I have papers to grade…”

Grio considered his options. He could follow Phoenix to somewhere quiet, or he could “bump into” the man now.

Come on, man. All you do is work,” wheedled the young man.

Phoenix gave a snort. “If you were Dr. Lee’s TA, you’d work, too.”

Dr. Lee. That was more information than Grio’d had a moment ago. He decided to wing it.

Excuse me, did you say you were Dr. Lee’s TA?”

I did, yeah.” Eyes that were pure gold met his, warm behind the wire-rimmed glasses. “Can I help you?”

Yes, I had a few questions for you. Is there somewhere we could go and talk?” Grio gave Phoenix his best and most earnest smile.

Sure. Sure.” Phoenix waved at the others. “I’ll catch up, guys.”

Thank you, I appreciate it.” Grio pushed his hands in his pockets, slouching a little, trying to fit in with all these students. Sometimes his military bearing and size made him stand out.

Sure. Are you in Western Civ or Chaucer?”

Goddess, he wanted to touch that bright hair, see if it felt anything like it looked. It distracted him when he should have been paying attention, building a credible lie in order to get Phoenix to trust him.

I… Uh…” Damn it, he was usually really good at this, what was wrong with him?

If you need information about the exam in the history of the English language class, I can’t help you. He really does change it, every semester.”

Grio pulled himself together. “I’m actually interested in family histories. Your name was suggested as someone I could talk to.”

Family history? Me?” Phoenix looked incredulous. “Are you sure you have the right guy?”

You’re Phoenix Lamoure, yes?” When he received a nod, he beamed. “Yes, I’m sure.”

Oh, well, here’s a bench. Have a seat.”

It wasn’t as private as he would have liked, but honestly, short of kidnapping the man right off the street, he didn’t have a lot of choice. This first meeting was meant to be a reconnaissance mission—find out what Phoenix knew of his background, of his heritage. Decide how best to share the information that the subject was a shapeshifting tiger. It didn’t always go over that well and needed to be shared as privately as possible, during the initial meeting if at all possible.

Phoenix perched easily, smile unwavering. “So what’s your question?”

I’m exploring heritage and was wondering what yours was. You have some very distinctive features.”

Me? Who knows? I’m just a mutt.”

Grio laughed. “A mutt? Oh, I don’t think so. What makes you say that?” A mutt. This man was all cat. Special cat at that.

Oh, I was a foster home kid, you know? I have red hair, so that’s what? Irish? Scottish? Who knows?”

Ah. So you don’t know who your parents were.” That was different and it would explain why a royal was on his own, with no knowledge of who or what he was. Surely the royal family would have already been well known and under protection.

My mother was institutionalized. Have I answered your questions?” The easy smile was beginning to slip, Phoenix looking less pleased about his questions.

You never checked into your background? I ask because you have very distinctive hair and I know a family who all have hair like yours.” Okay, so “know” was a bit of a stretch, but he knew of them.

No. No, I’m not interested. The past is just that.” Phoenix waved his hand dismissively.

Maybe we can have dinner together and talk about your future?” If one tactic didn’t work, he would try another.

My future? Grading papers.” Phoenix really looked at him, those gold eyes fascinating. “Are you a student?”

No, I’m not,” he admitted. Phoenix would need to trust him once he found out the truth about himself, and that would be harder if Grio had lied to him.

Well, I’m sorry, but I have a ton of papers. Have a good weekend.”



When Guerilla Contracting is called out after hours to deal with electrical problems at the circus, gorilla shifter Joe expects to encounter animals in cages. He doesn’t like it, but knows it’s part of the territory when it comes to circuses. What he doesn’t expect to find is a naked man in the giraffe cage.

Giraffe has lived his entire life as an attraction at the zoo, moving from his home-cage to the work-cage and back. He’s not allowed to let anyone know he’s a shifter, and doesn’t mean to get caught as a man when Joe comes by his cage. Joe is nice, though, and when he asks Giraffe to come away with him, Giraffe does.

Joe’s interest in Giraffe shifts as he secrets Giraffe away to his home in the country, becoming about more than just saving Giraffe from his cage.

Could it be possible that Giraffe feels the same way Joe does, or will he want to return to the only home he’s ever known?

Publisher: Self-Published

Joe pulled up at the circus on the fairgrounds just out of town and parked the truck near the front entrance. The place looked abandoned without the music and the lights and all the people. Like a ghost town, almost. He climbed out and headed for the front gate, a figure peeling itself off the wall as he approached.

Guerilla Contracting,” he called out. The name of his business always made him smile, the double entendre entirely private—his own little secret. “I’m Joe. You guys have an electrical problem?”


The guy nodded. “Wooster. Boss said to bring you out to the junction box. None of the lights in the big tent are working. We had to refund tonight’s box office.”

Joe guessed that was not something anyone was happy about. It would be bad publicity, too, the circus not being able to put on a show.

Let me just grab my toolbox.” He did so, then followed Wooster through the gates and among the tents to the caravans out the back, a huge mess of electrical junctions and wires promising him a long night. Oh well, that was what they paid him the big bucks for, and it wasn’t like he had anyone waiting for him at home.

Wooster showed him the trail of wires that ran to the big tent, then pointed to an old silver Airstream with a big W painted on the front. “My supper’s going cold. Come and get me if you need me.”

You got it.” He tipped his head and watched Wooster head toward the trailer, leaving him alone with the smells and small noises that kept the night from being quiet. Okay, so the circus was a little creepy all dark and shut down like this, with the hint of life hiding away.

Joe shook it off and went to work, beginning with testing wires and connections. Still, he swore he could feel eyes on him, a constant curious gaze. He put it down to the horror-book setting and kept working. His searching along the wires brought him to where the animal cages were and he had to bite back his growls as he saw lions and tigers and monkeys in cages. He hated seeing animals in cages. He could smell elephants, too, and… a giraffe?

He put down his tools and moved among the cages, looking in on all the beasts. The mother elephant was sad, quiet, but well cared for. The monkeys were playing, happy in their family, and the…

Wait. Wait, there was a man in the giraffe’s cage. A tall, lean man with a mass of coppery hair and precious little else. The cage reeked of giraffe, which meant this stunner was like him, both man and beast. Joe knew other shifters existed, but he’d never met another one before.

He met the warm brown eyes. “Hello there.”

The man smiled, nodded to him, and blinked slowly.

Joe couldn’t believe there was a shifter here, and that he was caged. It made him angry enough to see animals caged, whether they were happy and cared for or not. But for there to be a shifter in the same boat brought him rage. That just wasn’t right.

Are you okay? Are they treating you right?”

The man nodded, smiled again, and offered him a stalk of celery. Joe took the celery and looked at it, took a bite. It was celery.

Can you speak?” Was this guy so mistreated that he couldn’t?

It’s not allowed.” The whisper was barely audible.

Joe didn’t like the sound of that at all. “Why not? You’re a man, aren’t you?”

The giraffe-man shook his head, eyes wide.


Little Red Riding Hood

Book Cover: Little Red Riding Hood
Part of the Fairytale Shifters series:

Cardinal shifter Red works his tailfeathers off as a waiter at The Woods. He doesn’t mind working hard at the diner, but some of the customers have mean streaks and he’s an easy target. When wolf shifter Growler comes in one day for his lunch, he’s immediately taken by Red and even defends him from the porcine bullies giving Red a hard time.

Red’s boss Reisha warns him about getting together with Growler. The guy is a wolf and Red’s kind are nothing but a light snack to wolves. Still, Red likes to make up his own mind, and sometimes a little danger is fun to flirt with, especially if it gets him what he needs, so when Growler offers to give him a ride on his motorcycle, Red is quick to accept.

Predator and prey usually make uneasy bedfellows, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for Growler and Red. Will they be able to fly in the face of convention and find the perfect nest together?

Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Artists:

In the Hearts of Tigers

Book Cover: In the Hearts of Tigers

Malik and Rishi are tiger shifters who live and love in a world far away from man. At least until a lord of some manor comes exploring and Rishi is kidnapped and hauled away in a cage. Rishi has never lived as a man, but Malik know what humans are capable of, and he’s desperate to get his mate back.

Lynn is the lord’s valet, and when everyone else goes missing, he has no idea what to do. Then he meets the human Malik and thinks he’s either been saved or he’s about to die. When Malik ends up owing Lynn a life debt, Malik and Rishi must teach Lynn how to survive in the jungle, and how to live and love among tigers.

*Note: This is a darker alternate universe shifter story that was featured in the Shifting II anthology. The publisher has changed

Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Artists:


Book Cover: Freedom
Part of the Shifter Rescue series:

Mated lynx shifters Hill and Cather have been rescued by the good people at the Old Tavern Club, specifically by Jag, who has brought them back from the brink of death and convinced them to give life, and possibly love, another chance.

Jag wants to be more than just their rescuer, though. He desires to be not only their Master, but the recipient of their love as well. Hill's all on board, but Cather is going to take more convincing, especially when he begins to have trouble shifting from one form to the other.

Can Jag help Cather solve this new obstacle to their freedom, or are the lynx's doomed to remain in their new rooms at the Old Tavern for the rest of their lives?

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artists:

Hill slept like a baby, with his arms around his beloved brother and his new lover.

New master, a voice inside him whispered.

The words made him shiver with delight. It wasn't that he'd been looking for a replacement for Darri, but he and Cather were built to have a master. They would have died had they not been rescued by the people here at the Old Tavern Club.


And even that might not have been enough were it not for Jag.

Jag made a noise and shifted, pressing closer to both of them. His hand slid down Jag's ridged belly, petting gently. Jag hummed for him, the sound not quite a purr in Jag's human form.

Love. It wasn't the word so much as the emotion itself that slid over Hill from Jag's mind.

Hill hummed and scooted down, wanting Jag's heavy cock in his lips. Jag moaned and shifted again, exposing that prick to him, already half hard.

"Need you, please." He lapped at the tip of Jag's cock.

"It's yours. Take what you need." Jag stroked his cheek, petted his head.

Hill let his eyes drop closed and wrapped his lips around Jag's heavy cock. Jag cried out, the sound filling Hill's ears. Pure pleasure flooded him, warm and rich, and he took more, inch after inch. The tip slid into his throat, and he swallowed, over and over.

Jag cried out again, hips jerking and pushing the thick cock in deep, nudging the back of Hill's throat before backing off. This Hill knew; this he understood. This he could do. He sucked harder, and Jag found a rhythm, sliding his cock along Hill's tongue, in and out, in and out.

Jag's hands dropped to Hill's head, fingers curling in his hair. He could feel the effort it took Jag not to hold his head in place and just fuck his mouth.

Yours, he sent. Take me. Use me, Master.

Jag groaned and tightened his hands on Hill's head. Then Jag began thrusting, pushing hard into his mouth over and over. He ran his hands over Jag's belly, letting Cather's body cradle him. Jag pushed into his touches, body rippling, rolling against him. Hill's tongue slapped the tip of Jag's cock, gathering a drop of salty goodness.

"Hill!" The sound of his name in Jag's voice was intoxicating. Hill chuffed softly, popping the tip again. Jag jerked for him, cock pushing deeper, driving past Hill's gag reflex and into his throat.

The lean hips tugged back right away, pulling the thick meat out of Hill's throat before he could choke.

Jag moaned. "Hill. God."

Yes. He felt like a god, a bit. Like he was lovely and desirable.

Jag stroked Hill's face, his head, fingers opening and closing around his head, the touches adding to how good he felt. He urged Jag back in, wanting that fat prick again.

"Eager cocksucker." The words were a compliment; Hill could hear it in the tone of Jag's voice as Jag's beautiful cock spread his lips again.

All he could do was nod, agree with Jag. Yes. Yes, he wanted this, craved it.



Book Cover: Fading
Part of the Shifter Rescue series:

When Pirou calls his brother Jag to the Old Tavern Club to help with a pair of lynx shifters, Jag is happy to help. Rescuing and rehabilitating big cats is his job, and it makes him the perfect person to take on the pair that Pirou has rescued from a circus.

Mates Hill and Cather were about to be put down by the circus that owned them as they refused to perform after their Master, tiger shifter Darri, was killed in an accident during his last performance. The pair have been beaten, mistreated, and are near death's door, so it's going to take all of Jag's resources to help these two kitties find themselves again.

Along the way, Jag just might find his heart in peril, too.

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artists:

Jag parked behind the Old Tavern and knocked on the back door. While the place might look like nothing more than a pub on the ground floor of an office building downtown, he knew better. He knew the secrets the Old Tavern held. He was, after all, a part of them. He wasn't involved in every rescue, but he contributed financially every year and, whenever his skills were needed, he would come in and help turn around rescues.


His field of expertise in the "real world" was rehabilitating big cats who had been held captive, rescued from circuses and sideshows. The reasons why he was so good at it were two-fold. One, he was a cat shifter himself, his jaguar fast and strong, an apex predator. Two, long experience from an early age.

Shifter rescues were both easier and harder to help than "normal" big cats. As they were part human, they could understand and respond, though some sank so far into their animal selves that they could no longer tap into their human sides. Being part human also made them more complex than their one-hundred-percent animal counterparts, though, and instinct and breeding weren't as easy to predict.

He did love the challenge of big cats -- shifters and not -- so getting a call from the Old Tavern was both sad, because it meant someone needed rescuing, but also made him eager to face the new challenge, to help someone who needed him.

Jag knocked again, a little louder this time.

"Sorry. Sorry, I was settling a new client. We're running a full house today." Pirou was clearly distracted, hardly even seeing him. Mind no doubt on the many shifters in need.

Jag smiled at Pirou. The rescues... well, Pirou did a bit of everything, and the place would be chaos without him. Slender and sweet, and a total sub with the biggest heart imaginable, Pirou was perfect for the job.

"Hey." Jag touched Pirou's arm. "It's fine. You called. A new kitty, I presume?"

"Uh-huh. Two. I thought they were dead when they first came in. Lynxes." Pirou shook his head, sighed softly. "They refused to perform after their handler died. The management had them beaten."

Jag growled, baring his teeth. "Some people shouldn't be allowed near animals, let alone our kind. Did they know they had shifters on their hands?"

He stepped in and Pirou closed the door, locking it carefully. "I don't know, love." Pirou came to him, rubbing his cheek against Jag's in greeting. "It's good to see you, brother."

He gave Pirou a quick, tight hug, enjoying the mingling of their scents. "You too. We really need to try to get together just for lunch or something once in a while." He knew even as he said it they probably wouldn't. They were both too busy. At least his involvement with the Old Tavern kept them in touch on a regular basis.

"Now let me meet these near-dead lynxes. There's work to be done." Jag knew that Pirou would be as anxious as he was to bring comfort and relief to these abused kitties.

"Come with me. They're in the mauve room, hiding under about ten thousand blankets."

Making a cave. That made sense. And the mauve room was on the second floor, a light lilac room with no windows, buried well within the warren of rooms. If he remembered correctly, there would be rooms with a small kitchen, living room and a bathroom, along with another bedroom attached, so the rescues could feel like they had their own territory within the little apartment.

"Have they communicated with you at all? Eaten? Drunk water?" Food and sleep and comfort would be the first order of the day. "Have they shifted at all?" He needed as much information as he could gather before going in there.

"Communicated? No. Eaten? No. Drunk water? Yes. Shifted? No. They were on IVs and feeding tubes for more than a month before they even began to heal the actual trauma. Doctor Franx says they're healthy but emotionally devastated."

There had to be a good reason why he was only being called in more than a month after the rescues had arrived. "And you didn't call me earlier because they only came to today?"

Pirou nodded and Jag followed his brother to the mauve room on the second floor.

"Have they let anyone near them since they've been awake?" he asked.

"They don't seem to care. The only response anyone has seen was when they tried to separate them. The bigger of the two had to be sedated."

"All they've had is each other, so that's not surprising. Poor babies." He gave Pirou a hug, knowing they both needed it after discussing what had happened to these latest rescues. It was always awful to see a shifter abused, but the cats in particular struck a chord. "The mauve room has a suite attached to it?" He was pretty sure he was remembering the layout correctly, but he'd hate to have to move the lynxes, and he'd need a separate living area, and a kitchen, possibly even a bedroom for himself, though he could curl up in any corner and get some shut-eye.

"It does. With two of them, I thought we'd need space."

"My clever brother. You always were good at anticipating everyone's needs. Do we know their names?"

"Not yet."

They arrived at the door and he took a couple of deep breaths, steeling himself for anything. "All right. Let's do this thing."


Crouching Vegan, Hidden Werewolf

Book Cover: Crouching Vegan, Hidden Werewolf

New to town, werewolf Dark can’t believe there’s a restaurant called The Vegan Werewolf. Even harder to swallow is the fact that the place smells amazing. The food, however, is easy to get down – it’s some of the best he’s ever had and that’s saying a lot as it’s, unbelievably, vegan. What’s also not hard to swallow is Erik, the sweet Chef of the restaurant, and Dark picks him up after the place closes.

Erik’s got a secret, though, one he keeps hidden deep down inside and Dark threatens to bring all the things Erik has buried to the surface.

Can Dark convince Erik that there’s more to life than being a vegan? And that, just maybe, wolves do mate for life?

Originally published by Amber Quill Press and All Romance eBooks.

Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Artists:

Cereus: Building

Book Cover: Cereus: Building
Part of the Cereus series:

What happens when a besieged and rather small dragon comes to a vampire and says, "I need your help"? Or when that vampire comes to a werewolf and says, "I have a job for you"? The vampire goes and builds a resort for things that go bump in the night, deep in the Cascade Mountains. Riding the wave of Julia Talbot's Bloodrose series, the multi-author Cereus: The Building features paranormal romance Sean Michael, Julia Talbot and BA Tortuga.

Julia Talbot's It's Elemental features construction contractor Chayton, a werewolf who thinks demon decorator Kenny is a little fussy, and a lot hot. They argue about everything from feng shui to sex. Will they be able to resolve their differences?

The Third Course, by BA Tortuga, tells the story of Marco and Stephan, werecats, pridemates, and chefs who meet their match in head-bartender, Faelan, who just happens to be a growly, sexy Top.

Finally, Sean Michael's Smoke and Gold follows the head dominant of the club, Zee, who's dealing with trying to get his playrooms just so and trying to figure out maddening dragon, Daniel, at the same time. Who can resist loving a dragon?

Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Artists:

Brush and Whip

Book Cover: Brush and Whip
Part of the Kennel Klub series:

The Kennel Klub takes pride in matching dominant shifters with the perfect mate. Theo Brundy is looking for just that: someone to pleasure, to love, to take care of. Having lived most of his life forced into his were form by the cruel man who killed his parents, Theo uses his human form as a shield, both physically and emotionally. No one can hurt him if he's human.

Drew hasn't shifted in more than a year. After spending his life serving a cruel alpha, he was cast aside when the alpha married another. Drew has found that it's easier to protect himself if he's a wolf. A sub at heart, Drew is both apprehensive and desirous of the idea of losing control.

Can these two men find what they need in each other, both in bed and out of it?

Previously released by another publisher.

Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Artists: