The flipside of submission is domination, and that's just what this story collection brings you. A companion to Submission, Domination brings you the flip side -- three stories told from the Dom's point of view.

When Tanny confesses that running often feels like a scene, in The Sound of Pleasure, Billy decides to remind his sub that there's nothing on earth that can quite compare to what they do together. The Sound of Love finds stubborn Jeremy coming home in a bad, bad mood after a dangerous fall at the forge. Can Simon remind him that together they can overcome anything, even Jeremy's stubborn streak?

Finally, The Sound of Home finds Marcus returning from a leather convention. Three days away from Jim feels like forever for the two men who live the lifestyle full time. It doesn't take them long to get down to the business of reminding each other just what home means.

Previously published as Toy Boy: Domination.

Publisher: Self-Published
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