Kendall thinks he's stuffy, boring, and losing his lover, Eric. He and Eric survived a terrible cancer scare together, but now it seems like Eric is determined to live life to its fullest. Without Kendall. Eric is out every night and every weekend without him, and Kendall is worried that Eric is having an affair.

Eric knows now that life is too short to spend it wanting things and not going after them. He wants Kendall, but he also wants to explore his fantasies, things he's been dreaming of all his life. When Eric gets a chance to go to the Hammer, a premiere BDSM club, he jumps at the chance, hoping to find a way to introduce Kendall to the kinds of games he wants to play.

When Eric realizes that Kendall is terrified that they're drifting apart, he tries to ease Kendall into the lifestyle he finds so intriguing. Can Eric convince Kendall that he doesn't want to leave, that he just wants them to try new things? Or will Kendall run from the things that scare him, even at the risk of losing Eric?

Publisher: Self-Published
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