Bound for Christmas

Book Cover: Bound for Christmas
Part of the Sugarplum series:
  • Bound for Christmas

Jenny adores her husband and Dom, Greg, and she’s looking for just the right Christmas gift for him. Lucky for her, her friend Luke has been lusting over her and Greg for a while now and is more than willing to let Jenny wrap him up as the best Christmas present ever.

When Greg gets home, he finds Jenny all wrapped up in red silk, and Luke bound to the wall wearing little more than bells and ribbons. Luke promises to be the best Christmas gift they’ve ever shared, and Greg’s sure it’ll be the hottest holiday, too!

It’s Christmas, and this year Jenny knows her gift for her husband is exactly what he wants -- a pretty boy, all wrapped up with Christmas ribbon.

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artists:

Jenny looked over at Luke, licked her lips and smiled, knowing full well the look was feral. She couldn't help it; she wanted to eat Greg's present up with a spoon. A tiny little silver spoon so that it took hours. "You look fabulous, baby boy."

Luke arched under the scrape of her nails, the bells on the little clamped nipples tinkling as he moved, the padded cuffs holding him stretched against the wall. She'd spent her own time bound there, twisting under Greg's attentions, but tonight it wasn't her turn.


Tonight they were celebrating the longest night of the year and, for once, her gift was going to be the best one.

One beautiful, needy, pale boy who begged her, so prettily, to let him play.

Luke was Greg's type -- he looked enough like her to be related, in fact. Blond, blue-eyed, on the petite side, with pale skin that would show marks. Jenny had spent all day getting the man ready. She'd shaved him from the neck down, then washed him before she'd bent him over the edge of the tub and cleaned him inside. She'd bound his cock with a lovely dark red ribbon and gagged him with a tiny one, more symbolic than anything.

Then she'd slipped her little black velvet collar on, along with a red satin teddy. If she was lucky, Greg would approve of her outfit.

If she was really lucky, he wouldn't.

The thought made her chuckle.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Greg walked into the back room, suit jacket open, tie halfway undone. His laser-sharp blue eyes took in her gift, and then her, raking over her body.

"Merry Christmas, love." She held the "sir" back, gauging her husband's mood and preference.

"Merry, indeed." The words all but purred out of Greg.

Eyes on Luke, Greg grabbed her and tugged her up against his solid body. Her chin was tilted, and Greg took her lips in a long, very thorough kiss. Jenny groaned as his thigh pressed between hers, making her wet, her pussy proving that the day had been enough to keep her stoked, hot. Greg's tongue took her lips again, stealing her breath and leaving her dazed.

"So you got me two gifts this year?"

"Hmm? I brought you this sweet baby boy, all wrapped."

"And what about this sweet girl, all decked out in red satin?" Greg's hand slid down to her ass, big hand wrapping around one cheek and squeezing tight.

"I'm always yours, love. Forever." Her hips moved, rubbing her slit against Greg's leg.

"I know." He kissed her again, his eyes on her gift as his tongue slid over hers.

Luke moaned behind them, the sound hungry, lovely.

"He's perfect, baby."

"I love you." She whispered the words into his ear. "He's all yours for the night. We're all yours to play with."

"Mmm. Does he taste as good as he looks?"

"I hope so. He's all smooth and showered for you."

Greg smiled into her eyes. "Thank you, baby."

He slapped her ass and then stalked over to where Luke was strung up against the wall.

Luke's blue eyes were heavy-lidded, that pretty cock thick and fat, swollen at the tip where it begged for attention. Clear drops slipped down the shaft, staining the pretty red ribbon.

"Oh, baby, he's everything I could have asked for." Greg's finger slid over Luke's chest, then flicked at one little nipple clamp, making it ring.

Luke gasped, his body arching toward Greg, and Jenny moaned. Pretty. She loved watching Greg when he played with the boys. Things got so fierce.

Greg tapped the thin ribbon in Luke's mouth. "Safe word, boy?"

"Basket, Sir."

Basket. That was adorable. Almost as sweet as Luke himself.

"Use it if you need it, boy." Then Greg's mouth covered Luke's, kissing him right around the ribbon.


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