Dirty Kisses, Volume 2

Book Cover: Dirty Kisses, Volume 2
Part of the Dirty Kisses series:

Can you go back home again? These three former lovers explore that question as they meet again years after they've gone their separate ways.

In Wallflowers, a trip to his hometown for a friend’s wedding complicates things for in the closet Ryan. He discovers he still has feelings for his old lover, DJ, who he discovers is now blind. What happens if they reconnect? After all, he’s still in the closet, right?

Next up is Working it Out. What happens when the man who ran out on Affton four years ago suddenly appears in front of him? Affton is hoping the answer is a second chance at love with Luke.

Finally, in Finding the Way Home, There’s nothing like coming home injured from fighting for your country and finding out you’ve been dumped. Lucky for James, his old army buddy has his back. Will a place to crash turn into something more?

Wallflowers, Working it Out and Finding the Way Home were all previously published as individual stories by Amber Quill Press.

Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Artists:

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