Size Matters

Book Cover: Size Matters

Trey is a natural submissive, but no one wants to take on a blind man. When Trey and Lucien hit it off, it could be the answer to Trey’s prayers.

When Lucien meets his favorite author at a book signing, he's surprised to discover the man is not only blind, but much younger than he’d expected. He’s even more surprised to discover that Trey shares a passion of his—BDSM.

Trey loves his life as a horror mystery writer, but it is a lonely one. Immediately drawn to Lucien, he’s surprised and intrigued when Lucien ferrets out his interests in certain aspects of BDSM right from the start.

Is Lucien exactly who Trey’s been waiting for, or is it too good to be true?

Publisher: Pride Publishing
Cover Artists:

Trey took his guide dog Happy out, heading to the coffee shop at the corner. It was quiet there, especially late at night, and he knew Sarah and Anthony, the owners, would make sure he was taken care of. It was the one place he felt comfortable going on his own, thanks to them.

Hey, Trey!” Sarah called out as he hit the door. “How’s it going?”

Good. Good. Caramel latte, love?”


You got it. We’ve got a piece of caramel crunch pie left, too.”

Oh, rock on. Thanks.”

He sat, put one of his earbuds in, and checked his emails. There was one from the guy with the pretty voice, thanking him for signing. He answered with—

You’re welcome, man. Good to meet you.

It had been his first book signing, and it had gone okay. The guy with the pretty voice had been good-looking if Allison’s fluttering about him afterward was anything to go by. She’d described him as tall, dark and perfect. His voice had been…liquid velvet was pretty fucking cheesy. Still, it was true.

Velvety soft and rich and…whoa. Okay. Okay. No springing wood. The guy had asked him out for coffee in that voice…

His email binged.

Nice to meet you too. I meant it, about the coffee.

Trey chuckled.

I managed to get myself a cup.

Lucien’s reply didn’t take long to arrive.

You’re going to make me come right out and say it, aren’t you? I’m more interested in you than in coffee.

I don’t know you from Job.

Trey wanted to, though. The idea of it both thrilled and scared him. More thrilled, if he were being honest.

Thus the coffee.

He chuckled at that.

I guess so. I have to be careful, you know?

I get that, I do. But if we could do coffee at the place of your choice. What can I do in a public place?

Yeah. I have a good place here. Safe. Folks know me.

There you go. Invite me over.

Earthscape Java on Cornell.

Oh, God. Oh, God, what had he done?

I’ll be there in twenty.

Twenty. That gave Trey time to go home, to bail. He really didn’t want to. He should, though, right?


Seeing Love

Book Cover: Seeing Love

Kay can see. Barney can't. Which is why Barney's brother hired a scrawny street kid to help his brother out. That and to get Kay off the street. Who would have ever thought an older, distinguished guy like Barney could fall for him? Not Barney's business associates or Barney's ex. Kay has a pretty hard time believing it himself, even if he loves Barney with all he has. Can these two find enough common ground to make it work?

Publisher: Self-Published

Secret Skin Wrapped in Ribbons

Book Cover: Secret Skin Wrapped in Ribbons

Dillon and Dal from Secrets, Skin and Leather are back for two smoking hot short stories.

In Secret Skin, Dillon's attending a dreadfully dull cocktail party when their host introduces him to dour, no nonsense businessman Scott Daly. However, Dillon needs no introduction, for he knows, and shares, Scott Daly's secret. The evening is suddenly looking much brighter, if only the two men can escape the soiree and keep their secret intact.

Next up is Wrapped in Ribbons. Dillon and Dal spend every Christmas at a house on the beach, but they never spend very much time in the sand. This year, Dillon has dark red silk ribbon to wrap Dal up in and he can't think of a better Christmas gift for either of them.

Publisher: Self-Published

Searching the Seas

Book Cover: Searching the Seas

Can being stolen by a pirate be a good thing? Keeper of the peace Abraham Sawyer is about to find out!

Kidnapped by pirates, Abraham is used as collateral for a trade between the pirates and the seaside village at their mercy. Things are not always as they seem, though, and soon Abraham and the pirate Captain are learning to love, and live, with the past and the future.

Originally published in Galleons and Gangplanks.

Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Artists:

Royal Line

Book Cover: Royal Line

Where’s the common ground between a tiger shifter foot soldier and his prince?

Grio has one job—find dormant tiger shifters and introduce them to the world of Saffron Tigers. When he finds Professor Phoenix Lamoure, he discovers that Headquarters got a couple of key points wrong. Phoenix isn’t actually a professor but Saffron Tiger royalty…a member of the lost royal line.

Phoenix didn’t have things easy growing up. His mother spent most of her life in a mental institution, and he spent his formative years in foster care. When a stranger approaches to learn about his family history, he’s wary. When said stranger actually kidnaps him, all bets are off!

Can he ever believe what Grio says? Or will he be forever convinced that he’s as crazy as his mother was?

Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Artists:

Grio sat in his SUV, splitting his attention between the students walking across the quad and the file in his hand.

Professor Phoenix Lamoure. Actually, the guy was a TA, not a professor.

He was going to have to ride Danny next time he spoke to the man. It wasn’t often that the office sent out incorrect information, and he made the most of it when they did. Of course he’d rib Danny privately. No need to get him in trouble with the boss. Nigel didn’t have much of a sense of humor.


Phoenix Lamoure was a tiger shifter like himself, even if the man didn’t know it yet. A lot of shifters remained dormant and died never knowing what they really were.

The Saffron Tigers, though, they were nearly extinct, so they didn’t have the luxury of letting their kind discover themselves, or not. Headquarters searched out potential weres and Grio—or Janey or Tuplo—were sent to flush them out.

Grio looked at the file again, examining the black-and-white image closely to make sure he’d recognize Phoenix when he saw the man.

There were only one hundred and nineteen Saffron Tigers left and they needed numbers, needed safety. Needed each other.

Phoenix wasn’t your typical Saffron Tiger. Instead of bulk and broadness, he was slender, the little wire-rimmed glasses perched on the end of his nose adding an air of fragility or delicateness that Grio imagined was quite false. Knowing it or not, if Phoenix had tiger blood in him, he would be fierce when he had to be.

A small group of students walked by, a shock of unmistakable bright red hair hitting his eyes. Jesus. This one wasn’t just a Saffron. He was descended from the royal line.

How had he missed that? He checked the file again. Grainy black-and-white photo from some old high school yearbook. No wonder. Not only that, the file made no mention that this one was a royal.

Slipping out of the SUV, Grio closed the door silently, then quietly stalked his prey.

The two girls in the group of six headed off toward the parking lot, and he heard, “Nixie? You want to grab a pizza and a beer?”

I don’t know. I have papers to grade…”

Grio considered his options. He could follow Phoenix to somewhere quiet, or he could “bump into” the man now.

Come on, man. All you do is work,” wheedled the young man.

Phoenix gave a snort. “If you were Dr. Lee’s TA, you’d work, too.”

Dr. Lee. That was more information than Grio’d had a moment ago. He decided to wing it.

Excuse me, did you say you were Dr. Lee’s TA?”

I did, yeah.” Eyes that were pure gold met his, warm behind the wire-rimmed glasses. “Can I help you?”

Yes, I had a few questions for you. Is there somewhere we could go and talk?” Grio gave Phoenix his best and most earnest smile.

Sure. Sure.” Phoenix waved at the others. “I’ll catch up, guys.”

Thank you, I appreciate it.” Grio pushed his hands in his pockets, slouching a little, trying to fit in with all these students. Sometimes his military bearing and size made him stand out.

Sure. Are you in Western Civ or Chaucer?”

Goddess, he wanted to touch that bright hair, see if it felt anything like it looked. It distracted him when he should have been paying attention, building a credible lie in order to get Phoenix to trust him.

I… Uh…” Damn it, he was usually really good at this, what was wrong with him?

If you need information about the exam in the history of the English language class, I can’t help you. He really does change it, every semester.”

Grio pulled himself together. “I’m actually interested in family histories. Your name was suggested as someone I could talk to.”

Family history? Me?” Phoenix looked incredulous. “Are you sure you have the right guy?”

You’re Phoenix Lamoure, yes?” When he received a nod, he beamed. “Yes, I’m sure.”

Oh, well, here’s a bench. Have a seat.”

It wasn’t as private as he would have liked, but honestly, short of kidnapping the man right off the street, he didn’t have a lot of choice. This first meeting was meant to be a reconnaissance mission—find out what Phoenix knew of his background, of his heritage. Decide how best to share the information that the subject was a shapeshifting tiger. It didn’t always go over that well and needed to be shared as privately as possible, during the initial meeting if at all possible.

Phoenix perched easily, smile unwavering. “So what’s your question?”

I’m exploring heritage and was wondering what yours was. You have some very distinctive features.”

Me? Who knows? I’m just a mutt.”

Grio laughed. “A mutt? Oh, I don’t think so. What makes you say that?” A mutt. This man was all cat. Special cat at that.

Oh, I was a foster home kid, you know? I have red hair, so that’s what? Irish? Scottish? Who knows?”

Ah. So you don’t know who your parents were.” That was different and it would explain why a royal was on his own, with no knowledge of who or what he was. Surely the royal family would have already been well known and under protection.

My mother was institutionalized. Have I answered your questions?” The easy smile was beginning to slip, Phoenix looking less pleased about his questions.

You never checked into your background? I ask because you have very distinctive hair and I know a family who all have hair like yours.” Okay, so “know” was a bit of a stretch, but he knew of them.

No. No, I’m not interested. The past is just that.” Phoenix waved his hand dismissively.

Maybe we can have dinner together and talk about your future?” If one tactic didn’t work, he would try another.

My future? Grading papers.” Phoenix really looked at him, those gold eyes fascinating. “Are you a student?”

No, I’m not,” he admitted. Phoenix would need to trust him once he found out the truth about himself, and that would be harder if Grio had lied to him.

Well, I’m sorry, but I have a ton of papers. Have a good weekend.”


Royal Flush

Book Cover: Royal Flush

Three years ago, Royal played slave to Mike’s Master while working undercover in the leather community, and their relationship has never recovered. After a perp’s accusation of impropriety, Royal and Mike decide taking early retirement with a pension is easier than fighting false charges. Nursing his wounds in a bar, Royal’s interrupted by a man from his past, from the very time when things with Mike started disintegrating.

Big, bald, and tattooed, Bone is a piercer with confidence and attitude to spare. He can’t believe his luck, spotting Royal at the bar. Here’s Bone’s chance at the man he’s wanted since giving Royal a very intimate piercing for an undercover stint. “I bet you’re still wearing my ring,” he challenges Royal, hoping the man will not only take this bet, but the next one as well. In fact, Bone is betting their future happiness on it.

Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Cover Artists:

Royal sat at the bar and watched the whiskey swirl in his glass, the ice cubes clinking together, the scent of the liquor like spoiled cologne.


This shit sucked, so hard.


Ten years of working on the force. Eight years of working homicide. Three years deep undercover. Shit, he was the bastard who had helped collar Newt Lansome, the Craft Killer, and it only took one bad collar. One asshole swearing Royal had fudged with evidence and he…


Resign and keep your pension, or you and your partner can both get eaten alive by the fucking IA bastards.

It figured he had enough feelings, stupid as they were, about Mike that he’d agreed to the deal. Hell, he thought Mike was probably tickled. They’d never recovered from their last heavy case… Sure, Mike had known Royal was gay, but the undercover case had slammed it home to Mike in a way Royal’s former partner had obviously not wanted to know.

Royal shook his head, knocked back the booze, hoping it would ease things a bit.

A shadow fell over him and a low sexy chuckle sounded. “I bet you’re still wearing my ring.”

What?” Surely no one was talking to him. Not here.

The guy leaned against the bar next to him, muscled body appearing, face coming into view. The guy was completely bald. There were about a dozen piercings in one ear, the other one empty. And tattoos… Royal could see a dragon’s head coming up over one shoulder, looking right at him from the dude’s neck.

I said I bet you’re still wearing my ring.”

Bone. The piercer. The fucking stud of a piercer who’d put a ring in Royal’s cock.

Oh, God.

Oh, Jesus.

Royal had been Collin then, and Mike had been Louis. Master Louis and his boy. Mike, who was the straightest man on earth, had been inadvertently fulfilling Royal’s dirtiest fantasies.


Jesus. Bone’s smile was wicked.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Royal’s cock and the ring embedded in the tip bobbed in his jeans.

Bone chuckled. “I’ll put money on it, man.”

Look, I don’t…” Royal didn’t look the same. He couldn’t. He had a beard now, hair shaggy and loose, and he wasn’t being the needy, kinky bottom boy.

A hundred bucks says I’m right. Two seconds in the men’s, and it’s yours if I’m barking up the wrong tree.” That wicked smile flashed again. “But I’m not.”

What do you want, man?” Royal couldn’t win that bet, so he wouldn’t take it.

He remembered watching Bone hold his cock, pierce it, slid the thick ring through his slit. Mike had thrown up afterward, just disgusted. Royal hadn’t thrown up, though. He hadn’t even wanted to.

You’re pricklier than I remember.”

Things have changed.” Royal had changed. The whole fucking world had changed.

You still on the job?” Bone had known. He’d been the one who’d told them what piercings a slave might have.

No.” Bone had been their source, had taught them how to behave. Royal hadn’t been sure Mike would ever look at him again.

So take the bet. We can change the terms. If you’re still wearing it, you give me a blow job; if you aren’t, I’ll give you one.”

Well, fuck. He just… Fuck. “How about double or nothing?”

Sure.” Bone grinned, the look wicked. “I bet you want to give me that blow job.”

And I bet you want to be on your knees for me. What’s the challenge?” He’d had just enough whiskey to be stupid.

You’re the one who wanted to go double or nothing. You name the challenge.”

Arm wrestling?”

Bone snorted, shook his head. “How about I bet I can make you come without touching you? I do it; you come be my slut for the weekend. I don’t… You get whatever you want.”

Whatever I want?” That was a pretty big fucking bet.

Bone looked him up and down, licked his lips. “Whatever you want.”

Okay.” He’d jacked off this morning, and shit, he wasn’t in that oh-do-me-now space, so yeah. Yeah. He could hang with this.

Bone held out his hand, and they shook.

Shit, the man’s hand was big. Hot. It had touched him, intimately. God, as soon as he got his blowjob, he was going home and hiding.

Bone let go slowly and signaled for a beer. “You want to do this here, or at a private booth?”

I drink here a lot, man. We’ll sit in the back.”

Lead the way. Your ass will be my inspiration.”

Royal snorted, grabbed his whiskey, and headed into the back. “What brings you in this dive, man?” He’d never seen Bone here before.

One big shoulder shrugged. “I had an urge.”

An urge.” Huh. The place was almost empty, only a few barflies hanging around.

Yep.” Bone lounged in the seat across from him. “I’ve learned to follow my instincts.”

You still working at the Needle and Pin?”

I am. You still get off on being on your knees for your master?”

No. No, that was only for the case. Just undercover work. I’m not on the force anymore.” And no one could know he got off on it. No one.

You already told me you weren’t on the job anymore. And no one who subs as well as you do was only doing it for a case.”

I was a good cop.” He wasn’t talking about this.

One of Bone’s eyebrows went up. “I never said you weren’t.”

Whatever. I’m not a sub. It was a job. Nothing personal.” Nothing real. Mike hadn’t once sprung wood. Not once.

It could be, though. It could be very personal.”

Royal’s cheeks heated, and he sipped at his whiskey. He wasn’t ever going there, not again.

Why are you pretending the thought doesn’t turn you on? Why do you fight it so hard?”

I’m not turned on.” Why the fuck would he be turned on? “Man, you don’t know me.”

No? I held your cock in my hand, Royal. I put a ring in the tip. I gave you accessories to go with it. Did you ever play with them? Once the ring was healed?”

How do you know my name?”

You signed the consent form, and you used your real name, not your undercover name. And I never forget a face. Or a prick.”

Fuck, Royal was off-balance, and he just wanted this done, just wanted Bone to suck him dry.

And yours is particularly beautiful. I wanted to know what it would taste like on my tongue. If your partner hadn’t been there, I’d have taken you down, taken the load you were so desperate to unload.”

His partner had been there, though, and the man hadn’t wanted him.

I wanted to see you, Royal, kneeling for me. Covered in my marks. Shaved for me.” Bone leaned in, stared at him. “Wearing my ink, my rings, hole filled and spread.”

Royal blinked, swallowed. Fuck.

I hated knowing that another man owned your submission, even if it wasn’t real. I wanted it to be real with me.”

It wasn’t real.” He wasn’t into that, not for real. Only for the job.

It could be. You could be tied spread eagle to my bed, a ring around your prick, mine in your mouth, fucking your lips.” Bone’s voice was low and growly, husky.

Royal shook his head, but Bone went on. “You could be cuffed to my chair while I fuck your cock, while I pierce your nipples. Naked and bound in the corner of the shop, my own sweet little pain slut, your cock chained to a ring on the floor.”

Oh, fuck. He slammed back his drink. Focus. Focus.

Oh, you like that idea, do you? You should have played with the accessories I gave you. You should have put the plug in your slit, the one that attaches to the ring. You should have come back and gotten a ladder, begged me to slowly slide the bars into your cock.”

It wasn’t going to happen. No way. He shifted in his seat.


Revving It Up

Book Cover: Revving It Up

Revving it Up, a BDSM story collection, brings together four stories that explore different aspects of BDSM. Hot and sexy, these stories sizzle right off the page.

In Revving it Up, Byron likes Jon but the spark seems to be gone. Or is it? A game of truth or dare and a plug just might be exactly what they need. Meanwhile, ten years ago Finn walked away from Tone and the BDSM lifestyle. Today Finn walked out of the kitchen and back into Tone’s life. Could it be too good to be true? Find out in Serving Mr. Right

Next, two couples explore the lifestyle, but from different angles in Spot the Difference. Could twins Christopher and Robin both find exactly what they’re looking for on the same night? Or is it too big of a coincidence to be real?

Finally, in Digging for Gold, Dusty’s job is to get Kenn and his injured shoulder back into shape in time for the Olympics. Will the beach volleyball player be able to focus on getting better and keep his hands off his new trainer?

Revving it Up, Serving Mr. Right, Spot the Difference and Digging for Gold were originally published as individual stories by Amber Quill Press.

Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Artists:

7&7 – Anthology of Virtue and Vice

Prudence for Fools

Book Cover: 7&7 - Anthology of Virtue and Vice

Humankind possesses a dual nature, the ability to rise to the brightest heights—or sink to the darkest and most perverse depths.

What inspires some to reach the pinnacles of virtue while others cannot resist the temptations of vice? Is it something innate, or a result of destiny and circumstance?

Delve into the minds and spirits of saints and sinners alike with a collection of stories that explore the call toward good or evil—and the consequences of answering it. For while rewards certainly await the righteous, there are also pleasures to be found in the darkness. Venture off the expected path with some of the most innovative voices in LGBT speculative fiction as they present their unique takes on the classic vices and virtues.

Prudence for Fools by Sean Michael

Seer Del of the Red has been banished from Cloud City by the child king for warning of a disaster that never materialized. Along with his husband, Brawn, and his apprentice, Wu, they leave the city and make the long, arduous journey to the Ugul, Brawn's people.

Though they are welcomed there and Brawn is most happy to be home again, Del cannot shake the feeling that his predictions for Cloud City will come true. When his visions sharpen and become specific, he knows he must make another attempt to warn the city and its ungrateful king, even if doing so will spell the end of his days.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artists:

Pour me a Triple

Book Cover: Pour me a Triple

When Jai and Bay meet at The Bending Willow where Bay is a bartender, they never expect that the two of them together will catch the eye of Master Storm, but that’s exactly what happens.

Bay’s been looking for a Dom ever since he started work at the Bending Willow, but Jai’s not familiar at all with the lifestyle. Can the three men find a balance that works for each of them, or will Bay have to choose between Jai and Storm?

Previously published by Torquere Press.

Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Artists:

Playing with Fire

Book Cover: Playing with Fire

What happens when an uppity fire mage takes the son of a neighboring kingdom prisoner to teach him a lesson? Sparks, of course. Only in this case, where there’s smoke, there’s more than just fire. The Prince and the Mage both have their secrets to hide, leading the reader through an intricate dance of war, deception, and smoldering sexuality.


Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Cover Artists:

King Blethin was announced. King Blethin. The man had a nerve. This was what happened with the outlying lands, they put on airs and got uppity. Blethin was an older man, with a round wife and an heir in tow. A young, strapping son who was entirely not his type. Tall. Muscled. Golden skin. Long hair the color of wheat with shots of flame. And eyes like a midnight sky.

Luscious. Zujan needed another princeling. Honestly.

He purred, the sound familiar enough to make Rall tense.


My Lord,” murmured the king, bowing. His wife curtseyed, but the prince just stood there, watching him, defiant, head held high.

We have brought you the finest furs of our lands as a very small token of our friendship.” A cloak was handed to him, black and soft, warm. “The rest of the furs were left with your staff.”

The fur was lovely and Zujan nodded happily. “You are a generous man. How kind of you to attend.”

And to bring your prince to me.

We are neighbors, my Lord. It was an honor to be invited.” The king all but tripped over his own tongue to lick Zujan’s boots. The prince however stood behind his father, still straight and proud, those blue eyes almost looking through him.

This was a proud one. A strong one.

And will your companion introduce himself?” Come, lovely one. Speak to me.

This is my son, Wintras.” The king made a hand gesture to his son, head jerking. “Bow to his Lordship,” the man hissed.

Wintras stood for a long time and then gave a half bow, eyes never leaving Zujan.

Zujan heard the shock ripple through his audience as one of his eyebrows arched and he tilted his head. “Wintras.”

That’s what my father said.”

Blethin’s gasp was audible, the man going red at his son’s words.

Attractive and observant. How very lucky you are, Blethin.” His voice cool and clipped. This one would need to be taught a lesson, lest anyone else think this was acceptable behavior. “Perhaps he is simply overtaken by my beauty.”

Maybe I just don’t like having to give up our best furs to you on top of everything else you’ve stolen.”

The room went silent and Zujan hid his smile as he stood, the bar’cha appearing all around him, drawn to his anger and his need to punish. Poor stupid little fool. “You misspeak, boy. All I have is mine to take.”

The prince stood his ground, cocky and confident, arrogant. “I stand by my words.”


An older man, an Earl hurried over. “Please, your majesty, my lord. The boy is young...”

I am the Prince of the Western Lands. When I take my father’s place I will end your terror of my people.”

Zujan held out one hand, a flame appearing, the air in the ballroom going cold. “You have not yet learned terror, young one.”

Heavens and skies, he was having fun.

You think a few party tricks are going to teach me of it?” Those amazing blue eyes were steady, watching him, challenging him.

No.” He was hoping they wouldn’t – this was the most entertainment he’d had in years. Zujan turned to the Queen, smiling into her tear-filled eyes. “I will offer you the choice, Lady. Give your son to me or I will roast him where he stands.”

She fell to her knees, her husband joining her. “Please, your lordship, please spare his life!”

Get up,” growled the prince. “Stop debasing yourselves.”

Zujan ignored the boy’s words, instead accepting the mother’s. “Excellent.” He snapped his fingers, his guards appearing immediately. “Take the prince down to the dungeons and get him well-settled.”

You can’t just take me prisoner!”

Of course not. Your family just offered you to me, in front of all my company.” He waved his hand idly. “Take him away.”

You intimidated them!” The prince didn’t fight his captors, glaring at him instead.

Blethin had joined his wife in mewling. They were getting boring.

Zujan watched the bar’cha do as they wanted, watching as they moved in and around his guests, swirling and heating. The play continued until worried nobles began to swat at his bar’cha, at which point they attacked, stroking with their burning touch. Sitting again, Zujan relished the chaos, fingers returning to Rall’s hair. “Are you enjoying yourself, pet?”

Y...yes, my Lord.”

Excellent. I am as well.”

Stop this! You are a madman!” Wintras shouted at him from across the room as the guards dragged him away. “Rush him! There are many of you and only one of him! He’s insane!”

They’re so entertaining those first few days, don’t you agree?” He smiled coldly at the king and his wife. “It is by his own lack of self-control that he goes. He will not be permanently harmed — assuming he learns, of course.”

Thank you for sparing him, your majesty,” whimpered the queen.

You are merciful,” added the king, jeweled fingers shaking.

Zujan nodded in total agreement. Indeed. Most merciful.

Amused and merciful.

And the owner of some lovely furs.