Guns, Leather, and Tinsel

Book Cover: Guns, Leather, and Tinsel

Undercover cop Brian “Boom” Simpson is working the week before Christmas so the guys with families don’t have to. He’s on the hunt for a motorcycle club that’s running guns. His work leads him to The Rusty Tailpipe, a biker bar just outside of town where the Bloody Sundays hang out.

Raptor Evans, owner of The Rusty Tailpipe, loves his life. He owns a bit of land, and his bar, where he doesn’t put up with any trouble, running a tight ship with the help of his trusty baseball bat. When Boom comes walking in, the drool worthy stud turns Raptor’s world upside down, in more ways than one.

Can Boom and Raptor’s fledgling relationship survive Boom’s job, the Bloody Sundays, gunrunners, and Christmas?

Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Cover Artists:

Damn it, y’all! You fucking break it up!” Fuck, Saturday nights were fun. Raptor Evans grabbed a baseball bat in one hand and a tire iron in the other and pushed through the counter hatch to wage a little war. The Black Sundays were a one-percenter, always causing issues, and Raptor was not having that shit in his club. Especially in the week leading up to Christmas.

No how. No way.


He did his dead-level best not to interfere with club politics, because that led to drama and unnecessary horseshit, but no one—no one—fucked with his bar or his bartenders.

His bat hit the bar first in warning, then caught Ricky Dean in the ribs. “I said!”







Okay, that last one made his hand hurt some.

Little Bonnie gave him a quick grin and slipped back behind the bar. “Thanks, Boss.”

Anytime, baby girl.” He passed the tire iron to Bonnie to set on the shelf beneath the cash, but held onto the bat for now, just in case.

She looked toward the door and whistled low. “Check out the new meat.”

The guy who’d just entered was head to toe in leather, muscles stretching the limits of the jacket he wore. Raptor tried not to drool.

Fucking giant. He’d tear your teeny ass up, baby girl.”

That’d be more your style, wouldn’t it?” She cackled at herself.

Bitch.” He swatted her with the towel he kept tucked in the waistband of his pants.

Mr. Hot ‘n Studly in Leather came over to the bar and sat down, raising an eyebrow at Raptor’s bat.

Sorry.” Raptor said. “Crowd control. Beer?” Blow job?

Sure. Whatever dark ale you’ve got on tap.”

Oh, damn, the voice matched the man. Yummy.

Sure.” Raptor pulled a Cabbie, let it cascade before handing it over. “Five bucks.”

The bill was handed over, the guy had amazing hands. Big, a few calluses, long fingers. “Thanks.”


Raptor did his best to hide a lingering look then did his thing, pouring beer and making drinks, changing kegs. Normal shit for a weekend.

Studly nursed his beer.

Another skirmish broke out, one of the guys throwing a beer at the band. Raptor growled and called out a warning. “I’ll ban your skanky ass!”

Rowdy crowd,” noted Studly.

Saturday night. Gotta love it. New in town?” He was pleased for an excuse to spend more time looking at all those muscles in all that leather.


Laconic bastard.

Raptor understood about not sharing a lot of personal info, though. So he wasn’t perturbed. “Cool. You need another?”

Sure. Thanks.” Another two fives were handed over. “Keep the change.”

It might have been his imagination, but Raptor thought Studly was actually checking him out.

Thanks man. You rock.” If nothing else, the dude was fine jack off material.

I try.” He was given a wink, then Studly turned on his stool to look at the bar, checking everyone out.

Raptor took the hint and got back to work, keeping an eye on the bar, on the pool tables, making drinks and bopping his head to the music playing from the jukebox.

Studly was still there as things wound down, still nursing that second beer.

You doing okay, man?” Raptor asked.

Studly nodded. “I’m good.”

Cool.” He started his late night routine, keeping an eye on everyone.

People began filtering out after last call when they lowered the music, and turned the lights up.

Studly stood, stretched. The man looked utterly fantastic. Raptor told himself to stop drooling. It was a natural reaction, though, he was built himself, but that big bastard could tear him up.

Catching his eye, Studly leaned in a bit. “You know where I can crash for a night or two?”

You traveling?” Come home with me, man. I’ll turn you inside out. Or get you to tear my ass up.

At the moment, yeah. Looking for a place to land.”

There’s a motel down the road, but it’s a wreck.”

You know somewhere better?” Blue, blue eyes met his.

Raptor didn’t invite guys over to his place. Never. But dude, it was almost fucking Christmas. “I might be able to find a place. Give me a second.”

Awesome.” Studly sat down again.

Raptor didn’t even know the guy’s name.


Five Golden Beads

Book Cover: Five Golden Beads

Once a year, from Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve, Shay gets a visit from Harper, one of Santa's Elves. Their magical time together may only last a week, but Shay anticipates it the entire year and throws himself wholeheartedly into the kink-filled week. The only way their time could be better would be if Harper could stay longer.

When November rolls around again and the kinky gifts start arriving, Shay can only hope he's been a good enough boy this year to be granted more time with the Elf he loves. Will Santa be able to deliver this year?

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artists:

The presents started arriving in late November. The first was a tattoo magazine. Then two captive bead rings. Three butt plugs. Four cuffs. By then, Shay'd gotten the idea. His own personal kinky Santa was coming to town.

This would be year number six that Harper appeared on Christmas Eve, filling Shay's life with love and sex and everything magical until midnight on New Year's Eve when he disappeared like a wisp of smoke. Shay had to admit, he waited all year long for Christmas.


Five golden anal beads were next. Each one was slightly bigger than the last. The six-stranded flogger felt great on his skin, but seriously, who needed seven jeweled penis plugs? Or eight vibrators? He only had one asshole. Of course thinking about whether or not they'd get through all eight when Harper finally showed up in person was revving him up, wasn't it?

The nine cock rings ranged from simple black leather to intricate and beautiful steel, but the ten nipple clamps made him shudder. He had very sensitive nipples. The eleven urethral sounds made him jack off like crazy, but the twelve bottles of lube? That was a promise.

Shay cleaned the place from top to bottom in the days before Christmas, turned the ringer on his phone off and lined the gifts up on the dresser. He had all the food they could want in the fridge and cupboards, wine, beer and some whiskey in the wet bar. All he needed now was his true gift.

Shay sat on the edge of the bed, eyes on the Christmas lights outside. They twinkled madly, shining off the glass.

It was two minutes to midnight -- two minutes to Christmas Eve. Two minutes to balls-to-the-walls, nonstop, make-him-walk-bowlegged-for-a-month sex.

Shay wasn't sure what Harper was, who held Harper's reins, but he knew that, from the first time, he was snared.

The clock hit midnight and suddenly the room felt heavier. He turned to look to his left and there was Harper, sitting right next to him. The same long, rangy body. The same stunning face with twinkling blue eyes and dark hair that curled around Harper's ears. Harper's lips were dark red, his smile right there for Shay.

"Merry Christmas."

"Harper." Shay smiled, his heart beating so fast. "Merry Christmas, love."

"So you got my gifts." Harper grinned, looking sassy as fuck.

Before Shay could answer, Harper ducked his head, bringing their mouths together. Peppermint. Harper tasted like peppermint. The kiss started slowly, an almost tentative hello, but it quickly grew in strength and surety. Humming, Harper opened his lips, tongue slipping into Shay's mouth.

Shay climbed over into his lover's lap, groaning deep in his chest as they pressed together for the first time in a year. He would have started out naked, but he didn't want to seem too easy so he always made sure he was clothed as he waited for Harper to turn up.

Thank God Harper was on the same getting-naked-as-soon-as-possible page as he was. Sure fingers undid his shirt, each button popping open slow as molasses. They never had to speak much. It was like they had to distill an entire lifetime into a week, so they just got down to it.

It took forever for Harper to finish unbuttoning his shirt, his lips on Shay's all the while. Harper's kisses were like magic. Shay swore they slowed time down, made their week longer, fuller, better.

He spread his fingers over Harper's smooth, warm skin, his palms burning. Harper moaned for him, the sound like music, telling him he was special, that his touch was appreciated. "I've been waiting all year to do this."


Comfort and Joy

Book Cover: Comfort and Joy

Lawson Sanders has been forced to take some time off at Christmas as he’s been working through holidays and doing overtime on the job while his husband has been deployed. He finds it easier to ignore the loneliness if he’s busy. He’s filling the time with Charity work—wrapping presents, serving food, anything that will keep him busy this Christmas.

Steven Ford’s been working as an army field nurse overseas for the last two years. He’s gotten used to barking out orders and not being home. He’s just mustered out though and is home to surprise his husband Lawson just in time for the holidays.

Just before Steven left, this Dom and sub officially got married, but they never got a honeymoon and now they need to rediscover how they fit together. Can Steven and Lawson regain what they’ve been missing for the last two years and reconnect for Christmas?

Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Cover Artists:

Christmas Homecoming

Grady's been waiting for over two years to see his lover, Joey, who's been deployed in Afghanistan. It looks like it's going to be Valentine's Day at the earliest before they're reunited, though. Oliver's been keeping Grady busy during the holiday season, and he just might have a Christmas surprise for Grady at the Hammer's annual Charity Auction that the man will never forget.

Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Artists:

Christmas Elves are Ringing

Book Cover: Christmas Elves are Ringing

Joey's the best doll maker at Santa's workshop, but he's fed up with making them and all their accessories. In fact, he's having a tantrum of epic proportions. The big guy sends Joey's lover Bane in to give Joey an attitude adjustment. Can Bane work his magic in time for them to make sure Santa's sleigh is full this year?

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artists:

Christmas Auction

Christmas at the Hammer Club means charity auction time. This year Marcus has been roped into emcee duty and everyone has pitched in, offering time, abilities and themselves.

This is Alexander's third year giving away six hours of hard play, but it's also his last as he's headed to the east coast. He's hoping to catch the eye of the Dom who's won him at the auction the last two years running. He can't help wishing it was more than just a one night thing.

Also up for grabs is Jeremy, who'd planned to offer some free iron work, but Simon's changed things up and he suddenly finds himself on offer for the whole night to the highest bidder. Who's it going to be? Jeremy has to trust his Master has his best interests at heart.

Join the men of the Hammer for this Christmas tale.

Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Artists:

Christmas Angel

It’s Christmas Charity Auction time again at the Hammer Club, and this year Oliver has convinced Kein to put a couple of hours of time up for bid. Kein, confidence shattered by his Dom leaving him, is worried that no one will want him, even just for a couple hours of service.

Mac is attending the auction for the first time, and he’s drawn to Kein as soon as the beautiful sub walks onto the stage. His is the winning bid, and he and Kein retire to one of the back rooms to have dinner and get to know each other better.

Will sparks fly between them? Could Mac and Kein be each other’s Christmas angels?

Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Artists:

Bound for Christmas

Book Cover: Bound for Christmas
Part of the Sugarplum series:
  • Bound for Christmas

Jenny adores her husband and Dom, Greg, and she’s looking for just the right Christmas gift for him. Lucky for her, her friend Luke has been lusting over her and Greg for a while now and is more than willing to let Jenny wrap him up as the best Christmas present ever.

When Greg gets home, he finds Jenny all wrapped up in red silk, and Luke bound to the wall wearing little more than bells and ribbons. Luke promises to be the best Christmas gift they’ve ever shared, and Greg’s sure it’ll be the hottest holiday, too!

It’s Christmas, and this year Jenny knows her gift for her husband is exactly what he wants -- a pretty boy, all wrapped up with Christmas ribbon.

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artists:

Jenny looked over at Luke, licked her lips and smiled, knowing full well the look was feral. She couldn't help it; she wanted to eat Greg's present up with a spoon. A tiny little silver spoon so that it took hours. "You look fabulous, baby boy."

Luke arched under the scrape of her nails, the bells on the little clamped nipples tinkling as he moved, the padded cuffs holding him stretched against the wall. She'd spent her own time bound there, twisting under Greg's attentions, but tonight it wasn't her turn.


Tonight they were celebrating the longest night of the year and, for once, her gift was going to be the best one.

One beautiful, needy, pale boy who begged her, so prettily, to let him play.

Luke was Greg's type -- he looked enough like her to be related, in fact. Blond, blue-eyed, on the petite side, with pale skin that would show marks. Jenny had spent all day getting the man ready. She'd shaved him from the neck down, then washed him before she'd bent him over the edge of the tub and cleaned him inside. She'd bound his cock with a lovely dark red ribbon and gagged him with a tiny one, more symbolic than anything.

Then she'd slipped her little black velvet collar on, along with a red satin teddy. If she was lucky, Greg would approve of her outfit.

If she was really lucky, he wouldn't.

The thought made her chuckle.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Greg walked into the back room, suit jacket open, tie halfway undone. His laser-sharp blue eyes took in her gift, and then her, raking over her body.

"Merry Christmas, love." She held the "sir" back, gauging her husband's mood and preference.

"Merry, indeed." The words all but purred out of Greg.

Eyes on Luke, Greg grabbed her and tugged her up against his solid body. Her chin was tilted, and Greg took her lips in a long, very thorough kiss. Jenny groaned as his thigh pressed between hers, making her wet, her pussy proving that the day had been enough to keep her stoked, hot. Greg's tongue took her lips again, stealing her breath and leaving her dazed.

"So you got me two gifts this year?"

"Hmm? I brought you this sweet baby boy, all wrapped."

"And what about this sweet girl, all decked out in red satin?" Greg's hand slid down to her ass, big hand wrapping around one cheek and squeezing tight.

"I'm always yours, love. Forever." Her hips moved, rubbing her slit against Greg's leg.

"I know." He kissed her again, his eyes on her gift as his tongue slid over hers.

Luke moaned behind them, the sound hungry, lovely.

"He's perfect, baby."

"I love you." She whispered the words into his ear. "He's all yours for the night. We're all yours to play with."

"Mmm. Does he taste as good as he looks?"

"I hope so. He's all smooth and showered for you."

Greg smiled into her eyes. "Thank you, baby."

He slapped her ass and then stalked over to where Luke was strung up against the wall.

Luke's blue eyes were heavy-lidded, that pretty cock thick and fat, swollen at the tip where it begged for attention. Clear drops slipped down the shaft, staining the pretty red ribbon.

"Oh, baby, he's everything I could have asked for." Greg's finger slid over Luke's chest, then flicked at one little nipple clamp, making it ring.

Luke gasped, his body arching toward Greg, and Jenny moaned. Pretty. She loved watching Greg when he played with the boys. Things got so fierce.

Greg tapped the thin ribbon in Luke's mouth. "Safe word, boy?"

"Basket, Sir."

Basket. That was adorable. Almost as sweet as Luke himself.

"Use it if you need it, boy." Then Greg's mouth covered Luke's, kissing him right around the ribbon.


Bad Elf, No Candy

Book Cover: Bad Elf, No Candy
Part of the Peppermint series:
  • Bad Elf, No Candy

When candy maker Syllabub runs away from the North Pole, Claus sends his best enforcer after the wayward elf.

Power is good at his job, but when he finds Syllabub in the sweltering heat of Ottawa in July, the last thing he wants to do is return to the North Pole.

Is there something between them? Or has the heat gone to Power's head? Only time will tell.

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artists:

Power got off the plane at McDonald Cartier International, walking down the damn halls with the rest of the sheep, moving in the direction they were being herded. Once he was down the escalator, he found the exit and looked for the cabstand -- every airport had one. Sure enough, there it was to the left, and he joined the line of people waiting.

He was not a happy Elf.


It was July, for fuck's sake. Which meant it was damn hot in Ottawa. He should have been back home, sitting on his front porch with his heavy-duty sunglasses on, watching the sunlight dance over the snow. You could get away with a hoodie in the summer while the sun shone back home. Not here. Most of civilization was far enough south that they were legitimately hot during the summer, and Ottawa was proving to be no exception.

Power supposed it could have been worse -- his target could have gone even farther south, like down into the

States or even South America. Hell, if the target had been really serious, he would have headed for the Sahara.

Of course maybe then the Big Guy would have flown Power in the private jet instead of making him go commercial. Then again, maybe not. Claus was a total penny pincher and a slave driver to boot. Power couldn't really blame the Elves who tried to slip their bonds of servitude, but that didn't stop him from dragging them back to the toy factory when they tried to run. It wasn't like there was an Elf Union to take complaints to, now, was there?

The line at the cabstand was moving quickly, and it didn't take long before he was climbing into the back of a cab and telling the driver to take him downtown. In his experience, the middle of things was always the best place to start.

As soon as they were on their way, Power pulled out his tablet and called up his target's file.

Syllabub Starsparkles.

Christmas bless. No wonder he'd run, with a name like that.

Power looked through the rest of the file, trying to figure out where Syllabub would be. He always started downtown on these missions because what Elf left the North Pole toy factory and went to suburbia? None of them, in his experience.

It didn't take very long to get to the downtown core, the driver stopping in front of the Parliament Buildings. Power handed over a couple twenties, grabbed a receipt and shouldered his backpack.

Stepping out of the way of foot traffic, he closed his eyes and opened his senses, looking for that glimmer that could only be one of his kind. Syllabub was a candy maker so he needed to find a bakery or a candy shop. No matter how much you tried, you were who you were. There was no denying it.

Power was an enforcer. Syllabub was a candy maker. Ice and Lolly made dolls. It was a fact of life.

The scents of sugar and dough filtered their way into Power's nose. There, to the left, across the canal. It was as good a place to start as any, and he headed off in that direction. A store would have air conditioning, right? Because he didn't like this heat for a second. He wasn't sure running away was worth this heat.

As he went he could feel a sparkle, a sizzle of magic. Oh ho, someone had found himself a home. Syllabub was putting down roots, and it was beginning to show.


Add Love and Mix

Book Cover: Add Love and Mix

Firefighter Jason “Jase” Weller and EMT Scott Bronson are living the perfect life. They work together in jobs they love, they live together, and in their downtime, they still can’t get enough of each other. It’s been six amazing years. Then on Christmas Eve, Jase’s former lover Elsa shows up with a six-year-old girl in tow. The strung-out junkie claims Kerry is Jase’s daughter and it’s his turn to care for her, and then she walks out.

Shocked at both the fact that Elsa is now a junkie and that he has a daughter he never knew about, Jase nonetheless steps up to the plate as her father and Scott offers his full support. Having an instant family comes with plenty of challenges, and the two men work to deal with sweeping changes in their lives and to make things right for Kerry.

It’s not going to be easy, and their new circumstances test them and their relationship like nothing ever has. They’ll need all the love they have for each other—and the love they discover for their daughter—to keep from breaking apart.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artists:

JASE WHISTLED as he drove the truck back to the firehouse. He was pumped like he always was after a call.

The snow was falling thick and white, coating Ottawa in Christmas cheer.

He almost always worked Christmas Eve, but this was the first time he could remember it actually snowing. Looked like it was going to be a big storm too before it was over.


He pulled into the house and parked the big rig, grinning as the ambulance pulled up next to him.

It had been a good call. Small fire, no injuries, and they’d dealt with it in record time.

He hoped that would be the last call until Boxing Day. Not because he didn’t want to work, but he didn’t want anyone’s Christmas ruined like that.

Jase climbed out and joined the other guys in making sure everything was ready for their next call, then lingered, letting the other guys hit the showers first.

He headed over to the ambulance, finding Scott on his own, restocking.

Merry Christmas Eve, babe.”

Hey, gorgeous.” Scott grinned at him, green eyes warm and sparkling under the crazy mop of black curls.

God, he was in love with this man. Still. Time and proximity only seemed to deepen the way he felt.

You almost done there? I bet the showers are deserted at this point.” There was a reason they both took their time when they got back to the house.

Perv.” Oh, that was a naughty smile.

Takes one to know one.”

Jase stepped up into Scott’s space, looking into the green eyes, the heat he was feeling matched there.

Someone might catch us,” Scott said.

Don’t you mean catch us again?” Jase laughed and rubbed Scott’s crotch. “They’ll give us some privacy, long as we’re quick.” And he knew they could be quick. Hell, they were both so ramped up from the call, they’d be going off like rockets.

Go. I’ll be there in two shakes.”

Of my ass?” Eager and randy, Jase shook it as he headed into the station proper.

The place was decorated for Christmas: lights twinkling, the tree fully decorated, everything shiny.

There were even gifts under the tree. The guys who worked over Christmas did a white elephant game. He had his real gift for Scott under his bed.

The showers were empty, and he went to the far one, turning it on hot before stripping.

Barely three minutes passed before warm hands wrapped around his waist, the touch sure, wanton.

Jase leaned back against Scott’s solid body and groaned. “Hey, babe.” Resting his head on Scott’s shoulder, he kissed his lover’s neck.

Hey,” Scott said. “You ready for our vacation to start? I sure as fuck am.”

Yeah. Boxing Day here we come. You think next year we should take the holiday off?” They worked because they didn’t have families, but they had each other.

Eh. Maybe. I like to save it for the guys with kids.”

Yeah, I know.”

Jase grinned as he nibbled on Scott’s neck. “We’re motherfucking selfless wonders.”

Saints. True saints.”

He laughed, turning to grab Scott and push him up against the tile. Then he took the kiss he wanted, diving into Scott’s mouth.

Scott climbed up his body, legs coming to rest around his waist.

Jase humped against Scott, their bodies slamming up against the tile.

Their cocks rubbed together, the sensation fucking amazing.

They didn’t have time to goof around, to take their time. They simply had to get to it.

Biting at Scott’s lips, Jase moved faster, moaning when Scott’s hand wrapped around both their cocks.

Scott knew how to touch him, how to touch them and bring them off.

Fuck, yeah. Just like that, babe.”

Groaning, Jase closed his eyes, feeling the pleasure course through him.

So easy.” Scott was such a tease.

He bit hard at Scott’s lower lip. “Butthead.”

There wasn’t any heat behind the word, though. Nor any strength, his body entirely focused on how good everything felt.

Uh. Uh-huh. Yours.” Scott tugged the tips of their cocks good and hard.

Fuck!” Jase jerked, bucking their bodies hard against the wall, and came, spunk spewing up over Scott’s hand.

Scott watched through his orgasm, then began jacking them both good and hard.

He shuddered. “Fuck. Sensitive.”

Still, he didn’t ask Scott to stop, did he? No, he leaned one hand against the tile and, pushing the other between them, tweaked Scott’s right nipple—the more sensitive of the two.

Scott arched, bared his teeth. “One more time.”

Jase twisted the nub harder this time, digging his fingernails into Scott’s flesh. “Come on. Give it up for me.”

Scott shot like a hose, spunk pouring out of him in long pulses.

Fucking love that smell.” To Jase it meant safety and sex and love and happiness.

Grinning, he took another kiss, lips lingering lazily against Scott’s. He knew they had to rinse off and get out before they got walked in on, but he wanted another moment with his lover.

Merry almost Christmas, love,” Scott said. “I mean it.”

Yeah. All that matters is that we’re here together, and it’s a good one.”

Jase gave Scott one last kiss and stepped back. He slid his hands to Scott’s ass, holding on until Scott had his feet back on the ground.

Grabbing the soap, Jase made short work of soaping up his lover’s skin, touching more thoroughly than he probably needed to.

Scott helped out, and they managed to get out of the shower and into towels before Andy came through, rolling his eyes.

Jase, man, you got someone at the front asking for you.”

Seriously?” Practical jokes abounded at the firehouse. Especially when they were working holiday shifts.

No, I’m making it up. Yes, seriously.” Andy rolled his eyes again, and Scott laughed, snapping his ass with a towel.

Jase sent a mock glare at both of them and pulled on his jeans and a T-shirt before heading out to the front.

He blinked at the woman standing in the lobby. She looked like shit—strung out and hollow cheeked, hair stringy and ragged.

Can I help you?” Jase asked.

What? You don’t remember me? We slept together for six months, you pig.”

He shook his head. He didn’t know any crackheads. The only woman he’d slept with for six months was just before he’d met Scott. He and Elsa had broken up over six years ago.

He met her eyes, ready to tell her he wasn’t who she was looking for, when he saw a flash of Elsa in the sunken eyes.

Elsa? No way.”

You do remember. Excellent. I got something that’s yours, and I don’t want the little bitch no more.”

With that, she shoved a skinny, filthy little girl with tears streaking her cheeks and a huge bruise on her tiny face toward him.

Mommy! Mommy, please!”

Shut up. This fucker is your dad. You’re his problem now.”

The girl started crying outright, and Elsa went to backhand her, but Jase stepped in between the two of them, hand on the little girl’s shoulder as she began to wail louder. “Hey! What the hell happened to you? And what are you talking about, I’m her dad?”

This was not the woman he’d known. And they’d always been careful. He knew they had.

Aside from condoms, she’d been on the pill.

You left, and I found out about the little bitch three weeks later. Tried everything to get rid of it, but it lived.”

Hey there, sweetie.” Scott’s voice was soft, gentle. “Would you like to see my ambulance? Maybe have a Coke?”

Jase turned and nodded to Scott, mouthed, “Thanks,” then shifted his attention back to Elsa.

Why didn’t you call me?” He would have helped. Gotten her and the baby the proper care. Hell, helped pay for the abortion if Elsa was determined to go through with it. “And when did you get hooked?”

Fuck you. I was using when I was with you. Why do you think I had to start selling shit? You weren’t ever there. I needed something.”

Jesus, Elsa….” He didn’t know what to say. He totally didn’t recognize this awful bitch in front of him. Either physically or mentally. “I’m sorry. You need some help getting clean?”

Fuck you. I’m out of here.” She tossed a tiny backpack at him. “I tried to sell her. No one wants her. She’s worthless.”

Jase’s mouth dropped open in pure, unadulterated shock.

That shock began to turn to anger as Elsa turned on her heel and marched out.

He went to go after her, but Andy grabbed his arm, held him back.

Don’t, man. That kid is better off pretty much anywhere else.”

He nodded jerkily. Andy was probably right.


Jase was nearly shaking, his emotions a jumble.

Why don’t you go find Scott and see how she’s doing?” Andy suggested.

Yeah, yeah. Good idea.”

He headed out to the bay where the ambulance was parked.

Do you like the red ones? I do. Lots.” Scott was talking, chattering away, and the little girl’s tears had dried up.

Hey, there,” he said quietly. Shit, Elsa hadn’t even told him her name.

Scott and the little girl both looked up, and Jase crouched so he wasn’t so tall. “What’s your name, honey?”


Jase blinked. That had been his twin sister’s name. She’d died when they were six. A boating accident. “That’s a beautiful name. I had a twin sister named Karissa.”

He saw Scott looking at him in surprise.

Jase didn’t talk about her very much, but it seemed appropriate, what with the little girl in front of him.

Mommy told me. She drownded, and she’s a ghost that pinches bad girls.”

Scott’s eyes widened farther.

What? No. No.” Jase put his hand on her back. “She was a wonderful little girl, and she would never pinch anyone.” Maybe him, when they were bickering, but usually only in retaliation. “She’s my guardian angel, and I bet she’s looking out for you too.”

Are you really my daddy?”

He looked at Scott. What did he tell her?

She was the right age for it to be a distinct possibility. And Elsa had named her after his sister.

But would it be fair to say yes and have it turn out later that she wasn’t?

He looked from Scott to her, and she stared back, giving him his first look at her big blue eyes. Christ, he saw those eyes in the mirror every morning, and he’d seen them every time he’d looked at his twin sister too.

Yeah, Kerry,” he told her, his twin’s nickname falling off his tongue easy as anything. “I think I am.”