Robin and Sam

When Master Renard sees Robin and Sam on the night's auction block, he decides he must have them and makes a pre-emptive bid, wanting them in his playroom sooner than later. He's intrigued by the two boys who look so different and by the idea of having two boys at once to dominate.

Are they destined to find pleasure and happiness all together, or is this magical week going to end in tears?

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artists:

Robin looked at Sam, who looked back, wide-eyed. "You're sure you want to do this, Sam?"

His best friend and lover nodded, took his hand and squeezed. "We... we do it for a week. One week. Hard-core submission with a professional. We can handle it."

Robin swallowed hard. "What if we can't?"

"We can."


"What if it's awful?" They'd tried topping each other, tried meeting dominant men online, and tried the bars. It had all been a disaster.

"What if it's perfect?"

Sam tugged his little goatee. Robin had been letting everything grow while Sam was all trimmed and coifed, just in case someone had a little shaving fetish. They were studies in opposites -- he was as Mexican as they came, while Sam's parents were both Irish and had given their son the green eyes, porcelain skin and red hair that came with it. He was a little bulkier than Sam -- Sam was a little taller. Everyone assumed he was the boss, but Sam made decisions for them, as a rule. They'd both taken a week off work at their tech jobs and signed up at the Shibari Auction House.

God. This was crazy.

"It's going to be so hot, Robin." Sam kissed his nose, grinned. "So fucking amazing."

"Uh-huh." Hot or disastrous.

There was a soft knock on the door and it opened. Yves, the tall, skinny man who'd signed them up, poked his head in. "I have a proposition for you."

Sam's head tilted and he stood, smoothing his jeans. "A proposition?"

"Yes. We put up the auction notice for this evening and an offer came in for the two of you. Two hundred thousand dollars, take it or leave it. Meaning it's a one-time offer. This bidder won't be at the auction this evening. But if you'd prefer to take your chances at the auction, that's your choice."

"Two hundred..."

Sam gaped. "Thousand? Did you say two hundred thousand?"

"Dollars?" Robin added. It was important.

Yves smiled. "Yes, indeed. And that is minus the Auction House's percentage. It's a nice chunk of change for a week's time. Should I leave you to discuss the matter?"

They both shook their heads and answered in tandem. "We'll take it."

"Excellent." Yves opened the laptop he'd been holding and set it down on the table. "I'll let the bidder know and the money will be transferred to your account immediately."

"'Okay." Robin was going to have to sit down. What was someone going to want to do to them for that kind of money?

"The bidder has read your terms and signed the contract abiding by them. I have his medical records on file. He's clean, as are the two of you, so condoms won't be necessary. I've sent you an email with his test results. And there you go." Yves pointed to the statement of their account. Two hundred thousand dollars and forty-nine cents.

The forty-nine cents was from before the deposit.

"When you're ready, there's a car waiting out front to take you to Master Renard."

"Master Renard." Robin tried the name out, feeling it on his tongue.

"That means fox in French," Sam whispered. "Do you think it's a trick?"

"Master Renard is an outstanding member of our community, and I assure you everyone is very well vetted. There are no tricks at the Shibari." Yves smiled. "If you need anything else, you know where to find me."

"Yeah, yeah, okay." Sam took Robin's fingers and squeezed. "No matter what, honey, we're together. We'll be fine."

"Yeah. Yeah, we will. I'd never let anyone harm you."

There was no reason to linger after Yves left, so they went out and down the hall again, to the front door. A limo was out there waiting for them.

"Wow. Spiffy." They headed over with their backpacks, hand in hand. Robin decided that it felt a little like the first day of school, somehow.

The driver got out and came around. "Robin and Sam?" At their nods, he held the door open for them.

"Okay," Robin whispered. "Here goes."



Best friends and high school sweethearts, Robin and Sam are looking for a Dom who can give them both what they want. They've done a lot of reading and some experimenting, but nothing has worked. Neither of them has what it takes to top the other, and the online hookups and club visits have been a total disaster. Putting themselves up for auction at the Shibari Auction House is their last attempt at finding something that even comes close to matching the things they've read about.

When Master Renard sees Robin and Sam on the night's auction block, he decides he must have them and makes a pre-emptive bid, wanting them in his playroom sooner than later. He's intrigued by the two boys who look so different and by the idea of having two boys at once to dominate.

Can all three men find exactly what they need in each other? Or is it all just a lovely fantasy?

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artists:


When River calls his twin Leaf and says "Brother, I'm in trouble," Leaf does the same thing he always does -- he comes to River's rescue. Leaf's twin is thrilled he showed up, and quickly takes his clothes, tells him he's going to have a great time and leaves Leaf to be auctioned off at the Shibari Auction House in his place.

Not quite sure what River has gotten him into this time, Leaf is stunned to find himself auctioned off for seventy-five thousand dollars. Not sure exactly what's expected of him, he tells the man who won him the truth and finds himself treated more than fairly by James, the man who bought a week of his time.

Has River left Leaf holding the bag? Or has River inadvertently granted Leaf fantasies he didn't even know he had?

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artists:

"Brother, I'm in trouble."

How many fucking phone calls in Leaf's life had started that way? Too many to count, but as always, he answered the call and went to rescue his identical twin.

Today, that call had him heading into a huge old building. The people in the lobby stared at him. "River deCosta. My brother. He called me."


An extremely tall, gaunt man came forward. "If I hadn't just left River, I would have thought you were him. You're two peas in a pod."

"Yeah. He needed to see me. Please." So Leaf could kill him.

"It's highly unusual, but certainly. Follow me, please."

He followed the man down a long corridor, stopping at about the fifth door. A single knock and the guy went in. "River? You have a guest. Please keep it short -- you go on in a few minutes."

"Yes. Yes, thank you." River was... naked.


"Three minutes, River," the guy admonished, closing the door behind him as he left.

"Leaf, brother, you have to help me." River came up to him, started pulling at Leaf's clothes.

"What are you doing? What's up?"

"I promised to auction myself off for a week, but then Harry texted and he wants to get back together." Leaf's shirt came off as River continued. "You'll make a fortune. Enough to live on for almost six months. It'll be fun."


There was a knock at the door, and a soft female voice sounded. "River? It's time, honey. You're up."

"I'll be right there."

Leaf's pants were opened, shoved down. "It'll be okay. It's only a week. Please. Harry... I love him."

Leaf shook his head. Harry didn't love anyone, and yet River kept crawling back to the asshole. "Only a week what? What exactly are you getting me into here?"

"You just have to be good for a week, honey. You're good at that. Go. Go, they'll help." His shoes, wallet, underwear -- River took everything.


Leaf swallowed as River pushed him out the door. "I'll make it up to you. I promise."

A short girl with blonde, curly hair beamed at him. "There you are, River. Oh, that wide-eyed innocent look is perfect." She laughed softly and pinched his cheeks as she slid a silk robe around his shoulders. "The robe'll come off when you get to the viewing room. Come on."

"But..." Oh, this was fucked up.

"But what, honey? I know Yves and Bart went over everything with you. And we talked about the walk and how being naked would get you the biggest price. But if you have any other questions, you have... uh, okay, only like a minute, so make it snappy."

"He's..." Leaf looked back, but River was gone and Leaf's clothes were gone with him.

"Come on, honey. I know it can be hard the first time, but you'll feel better once you've started."

River's voice came from down the hall, toward where Leaf had come in. "Have fun! I'll see you next week, brother!"

Oh, God.

Leaf was going to kill River. Slowly. Painfully. Dead.

"There's been a lot of excitement over you since the profile went up, honey. You should pick up some good bids. Remember not to be too cocky, but not too shy, either. And don't pick your nose." She gave him a wink as she opened another door and ushered him through.

"I won't." No way. God, River sucked. Moose nuts.

The room he went into was softly lit, and he could see cameras mounted all over the place. Seriously, there were at least six, getting him from various angles. What the hell had River done?

The lights came up, and an announcer's voice sang out. "And here we have lot twelve. This is River's first time at Shibari, and he's eager to please. We've got a full week up for grabs. Please refer to River's card for his dos and don'ts. And let's start the bidding at ten thousand."


Ten thousand dollars?

What had River agreed to do?


Joel and Brent

Untried and virginal, Joel still knows he’s looking to be pushed. He wants to give up control, but he wants to fight, as well. Auctioning himself off for six months of no-holds-barred subbing is the only solution he can come up with to getting what he wants.

Master Brent believes he’s the only man for the job of giving Joel the experience of a lifetime. He can give Joel what he really need. But once the contract is up, will Brent and Joel go their separate ways? Or have they found something together that is far more than either of them could have hoped for?

Publisher's Note: Joel & Brent (Shibari Auction House Duet) contains the previously published novellas Joel (Shibari Auction House) and Brent (Shibari Auction House).

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artists:

Okay, he was an idiot.

Like a total, fucked-up idiot.

Joel stood at the doorway to the stage at the Shibari Auction House, naked as the day he was born and ready to auction himself off, ostensibly for cash. That was the deal though, wasn't it? It wasn't about the cash, although that part didn't suck. Joel was here for the fantasy of a fucking lifetime.

"Gentlemen, please welcome the beautiful Joel."


That was his cue, and he walked into the room. It was devoid of trappings and people -- there was only the stage. Or was it a catwalk? That's what they called it when models walked along it, right? Although he imagined there weren't too many models who were naked in front of their audience.

He was. Naked and entirely exposed and he couldn't even see his audience. For all he knew, there wasn't even anybody there to bid on him.

"He is offering a six-month contract with very few limitations. Joel is willing to serve a stern master, and he is offering a near-virginal body with no body mods, no ink. Shave him, plug him, pierce him, ink him -- he's eager to bend to your will, to see how far you can push him before he breaks."

The announcer had barely finished introducing him when the panel at the other end of the catwalk thing started lighting up with bids.

Joel flexed, tossed his hair and tried to look confident, strong. Hot. His belly was a bundle of nerves, but damn it, he wanted this and he wasn't fucking strong enough to ask for it. So this seemed like the only logical solution. Crazy, maybe, but he couldn't figure out any other way to get what he wanted. No, what he needed was more accurate.

The bids kept getting higher and higher. He knew six months was a long time and he'd basically put himself at someone's feet, under their total control, but it was still a little surprising. At least he knew there were people out there bidding and that they liked what they saw.

Joel was more than half hard now, balls heavy at the idea of this new life, at the knowledge he was going to get it. He heard the word "Sold," and the lights dimmed, though they didn't go out. That meant it was done, right? He turned to go, not sure what he was doing, what he was supposed to do next. He'd never sold himself before.

The door at the back opened, the lady who'd helped him get ready earlier motioning for him to come back. She gave him a warm smile. It was neat, the way she could look at him naked, check him out and make sure he was presenting himself at his best, but not have that approving smile be in the least bit... leering or vulgar. "That's amazing, honey. We haven't had that big a take in a while."

"Yeah? Oh, God. I think I need to sit down." He'd just sold himself for six months. Sold. Himself. Oh, God.

"Come on. I'll take you to the room you're meeting your new master in." She put a robe around his shoulders. "You did say you wanted to go to him completely nude and free of possessions, right?"

"Yes. Yes, ma'am." Oh, he was going to have a meltdown. It was really settling in now. "You said you would hold everything? My three boxes?" He'd just given himself over for a sick fantasy. There was no turning back now. Except there probably was a way out, but he knew he wasn't going to take it.

"We will. You can come pick your stuff up anytime." She gave him an encouraging smile.

"Thanks." Oh, God. Oh, God. What had he done? What was he doing? His stupid cock wasn't having the same doubts, oh no, not at all.

There was a knock on the door and it was the first time the lady's mask slipped. "Oh, God. I'm supposed to be out of here before he gets here." She rushed to the door, letting someone else in as she left.

Oh, God, here it was. Joel didn't know whether to breathe or throw up. He settled on holding his breath.

Fuck. The man who came in was gorgeous. Tall and bronze, with dark hair and eyes that looked like they didn't miss a thing. The strong body was covered in a nice pair of dark slacks and a dark blue shirt that fit impeccably, no tie.

Joel stood, refusing to back down, refusing to be ashamed of what he needed. He managed to remind himself to take a breath, too, mostly because he didn't want to pass out.

The man looked him up and down, the gaze slow, almost physical, and Joel's body tightened, his belly rippling with his need.

"What's your name, boy?" The man's voice was deep, husky. Very sexy...



James paid seventy-five thousand dollars for a week of Leaf's time. But Leaf is falling for James and wants what's between them to be real, so he returns the money, much to James's disbelief, and joy.

Can what started as a transaction turn into a happily ever after for James and Leaf? Find out in this continuation of Shibari Auction House: Leaf.

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artists:

James leaned over Leaf's slender shoulder, his boy's wavy brown hair tickling his cheek, and watched as his boy refunded the auction money. He couldn't quite believe that the man he'd paid seventy-five thousand dollars for a week at an auction wanted to be here with him just because it was what he wanted, no money, no strings attached. He couldn't quite believe they would have more than just a week. Seventy-five thousand was a hell of a lot of money to give up. A hell of a lot.

He kissed the top of Leaf's head. "You're amazing." Innocent, untried, eager, sensual, a natural sub who wanted him for him, not for his money. It didn't get much better than this.


"Thank you." Leaf looked up at him and those pretty green eyes met James'. "Now we're just two men, together."

"I don't think you are a 'just' anything." James rubbed their noses together; he was the luckiest man in the world, really. "And I know there's no 'just' about the things I can't wait to do to you."

"So what happens now, James?" There was such trust in Leaf's eyes; it was amazing and somewhat humbling. James cleared his throat. "My week is clear. I assume yours still is too, right?"

"Yes. Yes, I don't have much to worry about." Leaf shrugged. "I quit my job at the restaurant."

Leaf didn't have a job and had still returned the money. James leaned in to kiss his boy. "Why did you do that?"

"You'll think I'm silly." Color tinged Leaf's cheeks.

"I haven't yet." Now James was intrigued.

"I have a friend, Liam. He's a psychic and he told me change was coming and I had to be ready."

James wasn't sure he believed in psychics, but the sentiment behind it touched his heart. "So you quit for me?"

"I believe so, yes." Leaf was so earnest.

James gave Leaf a warm smile. "I'd better make it worth your while then."

"You will. We'll manage." Again, the trust Leaf afforded him was astounding.

"We seem to have managed so far." He closed the laptop and slid his hands down over Leaf's chest, fingers rubbing past the little nipples. He might need to break out the clamps again.

"We have. I need to call the restaurant, though, ask them to take me back next week, then I'm yours."

"What were your hours like when you worked there?" He wanted their free time to sync.

Leaf sighed. "I worked the supper shift. Three to midnight."

James frowned. "That's not very convenient." With those hours they'd hardly ever see each other and he wanted access to his boy beyond a few hours together in bed and the occasional day off.

"No. I have Sunday and Mondays off, usually." Leaf shrugged. "I'm trying to get into school, but it takes time."

James sighed. "We'll work something out. You're more than worth the effort."

If Leaf had taken that money, he could have gone to school with it. Leaf's dreams could have come true. Yet, Leaf felt trying a relationship based on honesty, on how they felt was more important. It meant a lot that Leaf had put his priorities there. In the two of them.

James tilted Leaf's head and brought their lips together.

Leaf opened up to him, moaning softly, groaning into his lips. He drew Leaf up out of his chair, tugging until they were pressed together and he could deepen the kiss.

James was going to make sure it was worth it for his sweet boy. He didn't want Leaf to ever regret this choice.

His hands drifted down to cup Leaf's ass. Leaf's moan was like music, soft and sweet. He wanted to tan this. With his hand first, then with a paddle, a flogger. He wanted to make Leaf shine and sing for him. He wanted Leaf to twist and shiver.


Jack, Alec, & Ben

Three men risk it all to find the Master of their hearts at the Shibari Auction House.

Jack: When Jack's gambling debts catch up to him he decides to sell his time for three years to the highest bidder, hoping someone is willing to pay him enough to clear his debts for good. Is he jumping from the frying pan into the fire? Only time will tell.

Alec: Experienced sub Alec is back at the Shibari Auction House to sell two more years of his time after his master of ten years turns him in for a "newer model." Novice Top Benj can't believe anyone would throw the lovely Alec away or complain that he's too old and snaps Alec up for twice the asking price. Is it possible both men will find what they need together?

Ben: Three years ago, Ben let Master Lukas buy him over multiple evenings, only to cut and run when he felt himself beginning to fall for the perceptive and handsome Master. Now he's returning to the Shibari Auction House stage, but is he ready to pick up where he and Master Lukas left off? Only time will tell.

Publisher's Note: Jack, Alec, and Ben (Shibari Auction House Box Set) contains the previously released novellas Jack, Alec, and Ben.

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artists:

"Are you sure you're interested, sir? Forgive me for saying so, but..." The big, tall, Lurch-y man stared at him through wire-rimmed glasses. "'re not exactly a common type here."

"There's money, right? Good money?" Jack watched Lurch nod. "Then I'm fucking interested." He had to come up with a quarter of a mil. Now, before someone had his head on a platter, kind of literally.


Ben Williams, the bartender at Glass Houses, had listened to him crying in his beer a couple of days ago and slipped him this business card. Shibari Auction House. Jack had told the guy he didn't have a damn thing left in the world. Nothing. He'd sold it all for that last desperate game. Triple or nothing. He got nothing.

"This is... Well, they aren't buying stuff, Jack. It's... service they're buying."


It had taken him a little bit to figure it out, and a little bit longer than that even to get up the balls to call. Knowing that Mick Peterson was out there with a baseball bat and a switchblade helped.

"You do understand that you will enter a contract, yes?"

Jack nodded. After he called, he'd spent time with Ben, who'd told him that all sorts of things were possible -- personal assistants, security, even housekeeping -- but mainly this was sex stuff. With other guys, if you wanted the money.

God knew, he wanted the money.

"I do. You tell me what'll get me the best price, I'll do it. I'm not scared." Or proud. Hell, maybe after three years of doing... whatever, he wouldn't want to gamble any more.

"Well, obviously the more... esoteric terms are more costly." The thin lips pursed. "Body modifications and total submission are at the top, and --"

"Fine. Give me the list." He had two days left before the enforcers came hunting him.

"Length of time will make a difference as well." Lurch still wasn't handing over the list. "And anyone could buy you. Someone young, someone old..."

"Is three years good?" He didn't care about the other. It wasn't like he was going to get off. He started checking stuff off. "When it says body mods, they won't cut my balls off or nothing, right?"

"No, that would be castration. Body mods includes piercings and things like pearls slipped beneath your skin." One of Lurch's eyebrows went up, way up, as he continued to mark items as acceptable. "Three years will get you a good sum, especially with the number of items you're indicating you'll do."

"Okay." He firmed his lips up and looked at the guy -- Yves, actually, not Lurch -- again. "Is it bad that I haven't ever taken it in the ass? I mean, I can go out tonight and do it, if it is."

Yves made a soft noise. "Are you even gay? Because trust me, we include that you are a virgin and your price goes up. Way up. But your... deflowering may not be all hearts and roses."

"I'm gay. I just... In my neighborhood it's a quick handjob or a blowjob in the alley. Not... something that ends in a bed with lube." The idea of having a cock up there made his sphincter clench.

"You can leave anal sex off the list. It will decrease the price, though." Yves touched his arm, his look gentle. "Are you sure?" If the man asked that one more time...

"They're going to break my legs, man. They're going to kill me. I have to pay them."

"Well, no one who buys you will break your legs or kill you." Yves shook his head. "If you really need a lot of money, I would suggest giving your virginity up with the rest. That really will be what increases your price."

"Okay. Okay, yeah. It's not like it's good to me." He tried to grin. "I'm not a bastard. I just... I gamble." He had the slightest addictive bone.

"Not very well, it appears." Yves' tone was extremely dry.

Jack found himself laughing, hard. Hard enough that it hurt a little. "Yeah, I guess."

"If you'll finish filling that out, I'll send Bart in for the signing, and then Katie will help you with your grooming. If you want, and you're quick, we can get you on the bill for tonight's auction."


Christmas Elves are Ringing

Book Cover: Christmas Elves are Ringing

Joey's the best doll maker at Santa's workshop, but he's fed up with making them and all their accessories. In fact, he's having a tantrum of epic proportions. The big guy sends Joey's lover Bane in to give Joey an attitude adjustment. Can Bane work his magic in time for them to make sure Santa's sleigh is full this year?

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artists:

Bound for Christmas

Book Cover: Bound for Christmas
Part of the Sugarplum series:
  • Bound for Christmas

Jenny adores her husband and Dom, Greg, and she’s looking for just the right Christmas gift for him. Lucky for her, her friend Luke has been lusting over her and Greg for a while now and is more than willing to let Jenny wrap him up as the best Christmas present ever.

When Greg gets home, he finds Jenny all wrapped up in red silk, and Luke bound to the wall wearing little more than bells and ribbons. Luke promises to be the best Christmas gift they’ve ever shared, and Greg’s sure it’ll be the hottest holiday, too!

It’s Christmas, and this year Jenny knows her gift for her husband is exactly what he wants -- a pretty boy, all wrapped up with Christmas ribbon.

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artists:

Jenny looked over at Luke, licked her lips and smiled, knowing full well the look was feral. She couldn't help it; she wanted to eat Greg's present up with a spoon. A tiny little silver spoon so that it took hours. "You look fabulous, baby boy."

Luke arched under the scrape of her nails, the bells on the little clamped nipples tinkling as he moved, the padded cuffs holding him stretched against the wall. She'd spent her own time bound there, twisting under Greg's attentions, but tonight it wasn't her turn.


Tonight they were celebrating the longest night of the year and, for once, her gift was going to be the best one.

One beautiful, needy, pale boy who begged her, so prettily, to let him play.

Luke was Greg's type -- he looked enough like her to be related, in fact. Blond, blue-eyed, on the petite side, with pale skin that would show marks. Jenny had spent all day getting the man ready. She'd shaved him from the neck down, then washed him before she'd bent him over the edge of the tub and cleaned him inside. She'd bound his cock with a lovely dark red ribbon and gagged him with a tiny one, more symbolic than anything.

Then she'd slipped her little black velvet collar on, along with a red satin teddy. If she was lucky, Greg would approve of her outfit.

If she was really lucky, he wouldn't.

The thought made her chuckle.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Greg walked into the back room, suit jacket open, tie halfway undone. His laser-sharp blue eyes took in her gift, and then her, raking over her body.

"Merry Christmas, love." She held the "sir" back, gauging her husband's mood and preference.

"Merry, indeed." The words all but purred out of Greg.

Eyes on Luke, Greg grabbed her and tugged her up against his solid body. Her chin was tilted, and Greg took her lips in a long, very thorough kiss. Jenny groaned as his thigh pressed between hers, making her wet, her pussy proving that the day had been enough to keep her stoked, hot. Greg's tongue took her lips again, stealing her breath and leaving her dazed.

"So you got me two gifts this year?"

"Hmm? I brought you this sweet baby boy, all wrapped."

"And what about this sweet girl, all decked out in red satin?" Greg's hand slid down to her ass, big hand wrapping around one cheek and squeezing tight.

"I'm always yours, love. Forever." Her hips moved, rubbing her slit against Greg's leg.

"I know." He kissed her again, his eyes on her gift as his tongue slid over hers.

Luke moaned behind them, the sound hungry, lovely.

"He's perfect, baby."

"I love you." She whispered the words into his ear. "He's all yours for the night. We're all yours to play with."

"Mmm. Does he taste as good as he looks?"

"I hope so. He's all smooth and showered for you."

Greg smiled into her eyes. "Thank you, baby."

He slapped her ass and then stalked over to where Luke was strung up against the wall.

Luke's blue eyes were heavy-lidded, that pretty cock thick and fat, swollen at the tip where it begged for attention. Clear drops slipped down the shaft, staining the pretty red ribbon.

"Oh, baby, he's everything I could have asked for." Greg's finger slid over Luke's chest, then flicked at one little nipple clamp, making it ring.

Luke gasped, his body arching toward Greg, and Jenny moaned. Pretty. She loved watching Greg when he played with the boys. Things got so fierce.

Greg tapped the thin ribbon in Luke's mouth. "Safe word, boy?"

"Basket, Sir."

Basket. That was adorable. Almost as sweet as Luke himself.

"Use it if you need it, boy." Then Greg's mouth covered Luke's, kissing him right around the ribbon.


Bad Elf, No Candy

Book Cover: Bad Elf, No Candy
Part of the Peppermint series:
  • Bad Elf, No Candy

When candy maker Syllabub runs away from the North Pole, Claus sends his best enforcer after the wayward elf.

Power is good at his job, but when he finds Syllabub in the sweltering heat of Ottawa in July, the last thing he wants to do is return to the North Pole.

Is there something between them? Or has the heat gone to Power's head? Only time will tell.

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artists:

Power got off the plane at McDonald Cartier International, walking down the damn halls with the rest of the sheep, moving in the direction they were being herded. Once he was down the escalator, he found the exit and looked for the cabstand -- every airport had one. Sure enough, there it was to the left, and he joined the line of people waiting.

He was not a happy Elf.


It was July, for fuck's sake. Which meant it was damn hot in Ottawa. He should have been back home, sitting on his front porch with his heavy-duty sunglasses on, watching the sunlight dance over the snow. You could get away with a hoodie in the summer while the sun shone back home. Not here. Most of civilization was far enough south that they were legitimately hot during the summer, and Ottawa was proving to be no exception.

Power supposed it could have been worse -- his target could have gone even farther south, like down into the

States or even South America. Hell, if the target had been really serious, he would have headed for the Sahara.

Of course maybe then the Big Guy would have flown Power in the private jet instead of making him go commercial. Then again, maybe not. Claus was a total penny pincher and a slave driver to boot. Power couldn't really blame the Elves who tried to slip their bonds of servitude, but that didn't stop him from dragging them back to the toy factory when they tried to run. It wasn't like there was an Elf Union to take complaints to, now, was there?

The line at the cabstand was moving quickly, and it didn't take long before he was climbing into the back of a cab and telling the driver to take him downtown. In his experience, the middle of things was always the best place to start.

As soon as they were on their way, Power pulled out his tablet and called up his target's file.

Syllabub Starsparkles.

Christmas bless. No wonder he'd run, with a name like that.

Power looked through the rest of the file, trying to figure out where Syllabub would be. He always started downtown on these missions because what Elf left the North Pole toy factory and went to suburbia? None of them, in his experience.

It didn't take very long to get to the downtown core, the driver stopping in front of the Parliament Buildings. Power handed over a couple twenties, grabbed a receipt and shouldered his backpack.

Stepping out of the way of foot traffic, he closed his eyes and opened his senses, looking for that glimmer that could only be one of his kind. Syllabub was a candy maker so he needed to find a bakery or a candy shop. No matter how much you tried, you were who you were. There was no denying it.

Power was an enforcer. Syllabub was a candy maker. Ice and Lolly made dolls. It was a fact of life.

The scents of sugar and dough filtered their way into Power's nose. There, to the left, across the canal. It was as good a place to start as any, and he headed off in that direction. A store would have air conditioning, right? Because he didn't like this heat for a second. He wasn't sure running away was worth this heat.

As he went he could feel a sparkle, a sizzle of magic. Oh ho, someone had found himself a home. Syllabub was putting down roots, and it was beginning to show.