Just the Right Notes

Book Cover: Just the Right Notes

Elliot is an up-and-coming architect who just opened his own firm—which is a lot more work and pressure than he expected. His partner, Graham, is a respected composer and conductor. They share their love and lives in a beautiful house designed by Elliot, and whenever things get too hard to handle, they retreat to their cabin getaway where Elliot becomes Dom to Graham’s needy little sub.

When things at Elliot’s firm begin to crumble, Graham needs to be the tough one, the one to suggest the cabin and the games they play there, knowing Elliot’s role as Dom will give him strength and that their games will recharge his lover. Together, they keep working to find that precarious balance in their lives—until an accident threatens to change everything. Elliot and Graham’s love faces its greatest challenge yet, and only the resilience they draw from each other can see them through hardship and keep the music in their lives.

First Edition published by Torquere Press, 2010.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artists:

GOD, WHAT a day.

Elliot hadn’t realized quite how much nonarchitectural work would be involved in running his own firm. It wasn’t even like it was a big firm or anything. Him, two junior architects fresh out of university, and a secretary.

He pulled into the driveway and took a minute to admire the house. It really was beautiful, if he did say so himself. He chuckled as he got out, grabbing his jacket and his briefcase. It was probably egotistical as hell to love your own work so much, but he did.


Now, if Graham was just in a better mood than when he’d left this morning, his Friday night just might be salvageable.

He let himself in. “Hey, honey, I’m home.”


Well, that could be good or bad….

He wandered through the living area into the kitchen, where he found a half-full bottle of wine and a shattered glass. He was leaning toward not good, and a plan began to form in his mind. The bag was packed and it was late enough they’d have missed the worst of the traffic. An hour and a half and they could be at the cabin.

He headed for the study.

The light was on, Graham sprawled over a chair, score sheets crumpled and torn around him, tears streaking his lean cheeks even in sleep.

Oh, he didn’t think so. Enough was enough. If anything or anyone was going to torture Graham, it was going to be him, and Graham was going to love every fucking second of it.

Elliot turned on his heel and headed for their bedroom to grab the black bag from the back of the closet. He didn’t need to check it—it would have everything they needed. Every time they used it, he carefully repacked it when they got home again so it was always ready. He took it out and put it in the trunk of the car.

Back inside, he called his work number and reset his outgoing message to indicate he would be unreachable for the weekend.

Then he went to wake Graham.

His beautiful lover’s jet-black hair was loose, wild, and tangled, undisciplined and uncontrolled. He reached out, stroked a hand through it, and Graham’s eyes fluttered open.

Crouching next to Graham, Elliot smiled into the most amazing green eyes he’d ever seen. “G. Love.”

Hey, El.” Graham reached up, cupped his cheek. “I… I must have fallen asleep.”

Yeah. You had a bad day.” It wasn’t a question. “You’ve had a bunch of ’em lately.”

Leaning in, he pressed their lips together, tasting tears and wine and the intense, addictive flavor of Graham himself.

Graham kissed him softly and then leaned back. “The song won’t come out. I keep working on the bridge.”

Well.” He stood and stretched and then held out a hand. “Leave it for now. You’re coming with me.”

I am?” Graham’s long, talented fingers slid into his, the green eyes just beginning to wake up.

Oh yes. You are.” He walked backward, taking Graham with him, grinning.

You look wicked….” Graham looked back at the papers on the floor, that frown returning.

He let go of one hand to take Graham’s chin in his fingers and turn his lover’s face back to him. “That’s because I am wicked.”

The lean cheeks went pink, Graham’s lips parting just a bit. “Are you?”

Very wicked.” God, the drive was going to feel like for-fucking-ever.

How was work?” Graham’s bare feet slid on the marble tile, the study left behind.

I had a shitty day.” He kept walking in reverse, not even looking behind him—he knew their home like the back of his hand.

Who do you want me to kill? I have rage.”

I’m not sure killing paperwork would be very satisfying, love. I have something far better in mind.” He stopped by the door so Graham could put something on his feet.

I….” Those eyes searched his. “We’re going out?”

He looked right back, giving Graham his love, his desire, his surety that this was what they needed. “No. We’re going away.”

To the cabin, El?” Once they passed the threshold of their hideaway, “El” would become “Sir.”

Yeah.” He stroked Graham’s cheek. “It’s time.” If they waited, it would be past time, too late. They had to catch it at just the right moment.

Graham’s shudder was fucking perfect, the way the scent of his skin became richer—delicious. “You don’t have to work?”

No. No work. No phone calls. No distractions. Just you and me. Now stop stalling and put on your shoes. We’ve got some driving to do.”

It was telling that Graham didn’t fight him, only rumbled a little as he put his shoes on. Elliot kept his grip on Graham’s hands, led his beautiful lover out to the car, opened the door.

I love you. I… I feel like I should apologize…,” Graham said.

Apologize for what?”

I don’t know.” The tears were close to the surface again, the anger.

He leaned close and gave Graham a hard, sharp kiss. “Get in the car, G.”

Elliot pushed Graham into the seat, bent, and buckled Graham’s seat belt before closing the door and going around to the other side. This weekend he was going to send the demons that were chasing Graham packing.

Climbing in, Elliot put on his own belt, started the car, and only after he’d backed out of the driveway and onto the road did he turn to his lover. “You have anything to say to me, you should probably say it on the drive, yeah?”

I. Yeah. Yeah.” Graham started talking—ranting about this violin player and that critic and this bridge. The words ratcheted up, growing louder and angrier as Graham worked himself into a tizzy.

Elliot rolled the window down when Graham got really loud, letting the anger battle with the wind.

They finally pulled up to the cabin, and he turned off the engine. “Okay, G. You have to stop now. Let it go.”

Graham looked at him, eyes huge, staring, chest heaving. “I’ll try.”

I’ll help.” He took a kiss, something to ground Graham. “I love you, G.”

I love you. I really do.”

Like he didn’t know that. “Then we’re good.”

He grabbed the bag out of the trunk and dug the keys out of the front flap, then passed them over to Graham. “Let us in, baby.”

Graham stood in front of the tiny cabin. There were no neighbors, no televisions, no phones. Nothing to disturb them. The pantry and freezer were stocked, the door heavy and lockable. This place was theirs and theirs alone, safe enough that they could play outdoors or near the windows without fear.

Elliot hefted the bag and put his arm around Graham’s shoulders, gave his lover a quick, one-armed hug.

His body was thrumming, his mind already beginning to slip into “top mode.”

Graham slid the key into the lock, leaning into him.

When the door opened, the scent of woodsmoke and leather wafted toward them, warm, inviting, familiar.


They stepped over the threshold together, and he closed the door behind them, locked it. “We need a fire. I’ll get it going while you strip and assume the position on the rug in the living room.”

I….” Graham took a deep, shaky breath, nodding before Elliot had to remind him of the rules. “Yes. Yes, Sir.”

Good man.” He touched Graham’s lips briefly and then set about cleaning the flue and building the fire.

He had it going in no time and went to the bathroom to wash his hands and change. That took time, pulling the tight leather up over his legs, tying the fastenings over his cock. He took the clasp out of his hair, letting it fall loosely over his bare shoulders.

And that was more than enough time for Graham to have prepared for him.

Feet bare, slapping against the hardwood, Elliot went back to the living room.

Graham was there, naked and kneeling, dark hair braided back, legs spread wide. Beautiful man. Elliot’s cock rose immediately, need hot and hard in his belly.

Well done,” he murmured. He knew the praise was important to Graham, especially at the beginning, as they slid into the roles they wore here.

He moved to Graham’s side and stroked his lover’s head. Graham took another deep breath, eyes closed, the tension in the lean back easing at Elliot’s touch. He moved his hand down over Graham’s shoulders, checking to make sure his lover was warm enough. Graham’s skin was cool—not cold, not warm enough to sweat.

Then he stood in front of Graham, his crotch at face level. Hand behind Graham’s head, he tugged Graham forward, burying Graham’s nose in his crotch. “Can you smell me?”

Yes. Yes, Sir.” Graham’s tongue flicked out, sliding on Elliot’s leathers.

Mmm… yeah, lick me. Make the leather shine.”

The soft touches continued, short little licks that had a rhythm, something that proved Graham was singing, not focused yet. Growling, he grabbed Graham’s braid and tipped his head back, met his eyes. “Focus. Make me your center.”

I am!” Oh, they’d needed this.

He let one eyebrow rise and tugged Graham’s head back farther. “How do you address me?”

Graham swallowed hard, and Elliot could see it, see Graham deciding whether to fight or give in to what they needed. Narrowing his eyes, he pulled Graham’s head back even more, the braid like heavy silk in his hand.

Sir.” The word was moaned, Graham staring at him, throat working.

Good man.” He let go of Graham’s braid and stroked the lovely cheeks. “Now you may suck my cock through the pants.”

Thank you, Sir.” Graham kissed his palm and then went to work on his cock, nuzzling and licking through the leather.

Fuck, that was sexy, feeling the touches but not the heat and wet that he would if Graham were giving him a blow job.

Undo the laces. With your mouth only.”

Graham nodded, moving carefully. This had been one of the first things Graham had learned to do, back at the beginning when Graham hadn’t known if they were going to survive this love affair.

Slowly but surely, the laces were loosened, and Graham pushed the sides apart with his nose. His prick leaped eagerly from the hole, slapping Graham in the face. Graham’s lips parted, tongue sliding on Elliot’s flesh. Elliot groaned, that touch always welcome, but somehow different here, more intense. Graham shifted, wrapping his hands around Elliot’s thighs, mouth dropping down over his cock.

G!” He grabbed hold of Graham’s head, fingers pushing into the neatly braided hair.

His thighs trembled with the need to thrust, to take Graham’s mouth. But first Elliot would let his lover do as he wished. For a moment or two.

Graham sucked him in deep, not asking permission, taking and giving, loving him. Christ, Graham’s mouth was something special.

Gonna come on your face,” he murmured, finding his voice. “Gonna coat my cock in my come and then take you. Fuck you until you scream with pleasure.”

He got a moan, Graham jerking, pulling him in deeper, the “yes” clear.

Not too soon, though, G. Make it last.” The fire was hot against his back, Graham’s mouth even hotter. The suction increased, Graham’s hands sliding up and down his legs. “Make it last,” he growled, his balls tightening up.

Graham moved, quick as a snake, and grabbed his balls, tugging hard. Elliot cried out, body jerking at the sudden ache. Oh, sweet, lovely bastard.

Remember we’ve got the whole weekend, G. You’re cruising.”

That beautiful mouth popped off his prick. “I was helping.” Then Graham sucked him in again.

Fuck, he loved this man.

It was the manner of your help,” he murmured. He began to push, hips moving slowly, sliding his prick in and out of Graham’s mouth. Graham moaned, eyes dropping closed, lips open, accepting him.

The more Graham needed, the more he pushed, and Elliot moved faster, taking his lover’s mouth, making Graham take him. And Graham did. He took and took, opening wide. And that, as much as the amazing sensations, pushed him toward the edge.

Soon,” he muttered. Dammit.

He got a hum, a happy little trilling sound that vibrated around his cock.

Oh fuck.” He pulled out, spraying spunk over Graham’s face.

Graham whimpered, hips jerking, hands squeezing Elliot’s legs. He slowly rubbed his cock over Graham’s face, picking up the come. He hadn’t even begun to go soft.

Ass up, face on your hands,” Elliot ordered.

Graham was hard, hot, the tip of his cock swollen and dripping. The pretty lips parted, tongue flicking out to clean them as Graham moved. So fucking beautiful.

Elliot knelt behind his lover, stroking the lovely ass.

I love you,” Graham told him, skin flushing at his touch, balls drawing up.

He leaned over Graham, letting his prick slide along the hot crack, and whispered in Graham’s ear. “I love you, G.”

Then he slapped Graham’s ass and pressed the head of his prick into Graham’s hole. Graham shuddered and Elliot knew—he knew—how hard his Graham was fighting not to push back, fuck himself.

He stroked Graham’s back, fingers teasing over the nerves along his spine. “Very good, G.” He pushed in a little more, keeping it slow, not letting Graham have all of him. Yet.

Graham moaned, tight ass rippling around Elliot’s cock, trying to pull him in.

Careful.” He ran his nails lightly along Graham’s back, just enough to fire up the nerves there.

I….” Graham squeezed him hard enough to make him groan.

Elliot chuckled, the sound a little shaky, a little needy. “Don’t make me beat you.”

Sorry. You made me.”

He slapped Graham’s ass. “Sir. And I did not.” And he needed to fuck Graham. Needed badly.

Of course, the slap made Graham squeeze again, and Elliot’s eyes rolled back in his head. Christ, if he didn’t fuck Graham now, he was going to spill just from the fucking squeezing. He started to move, pushing all the way in, coming all the way out again. Slamming back in. Fuck yes. So good.

Graham moaned and moved, pushing against him, trying to speed his thrusts.

He grabbed Graham’s hips, stilling them both. “No. Moving.”

Graham’s low cry was almost pained. Almost angry. Definitely horny.

Elliot held still until he thought he was going to scream, and then he started moving again, thrusting into Graham’s ass. This time, Graham stayed still, shaking with the effort, trying so fucking hard.

Yes. Yes, G.” He said the words over and over, eyes closing as his orgasm rode along his spine. “Touch yourself. Make yourself come.”

Graham shook, shifted, and started jacking off. Hard. He could feel Graham’s ass squeezing rhythmically around his prick, making him shiver.

Like that. I’m going to bind your cock when we’re done, and then fill you. Then we can relax in front of the fire.”

I… I…. Sir.” Graham arched, fucking himself for a few more strokes, then shot.

Mmm… beautiful.” He stroked Graham’s back, gentling his lover.

Th-thank you.” Graham shook, reached for him.

Elliot slid from Graham, turned him, and they knelt there together, arms wrapped around each other.

He pressed a kiss to Graham’s forehead. “Better?”

Uh. Uh-huh.” Graham was swaying, blinking shttps://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34372278-just-the-right-noteslowly.

He pushed and Graham tumbled back, saved from hitting the floor too hard by Elliot’s arm around his back. He got Graham laid out and quickly fetched the bag, knowing he had everything he needed in there.

Graham was breathing slowly and easily, his pretty eyes the only thing moving as they followed him, curious.

Elliot crouched down next to his beautiful lover and smiled. “I have such plans for you this weekend. Going to blow your mind.”

Graham’s only answer was a quiet, peaceful smile. There was his Graham. His beautiful, amazing lover.

He pulled out the lube, a cock ring, and a nice little plug, something Graham could wear overnight. Humming softly, he wrapped his fingers around Graham’s half-hard cock and stroked.

Graham moaned, fighting to slow his breathing, to let that sweet cock stay limp. Elliot knew that trick, though. Bending, he pressed the tip of his tongue into Graham’s slit.

Oh fuck.” Graham’s knees drew up, hips shifting.

That’s ‘oh fuck, Sir.’” He flicked his tongue in once more.

I. Oh. Oh fuck. Sir.” So sensitive there, so tender.

Mmm. There we go.”

Elliot pumped lightly, Graham’s cock swelling beneath the double onslaught of tongue and hand.

No fair.” Graham’s fingers brushed through his hair, caressing him.

No fair, Sir.” He smiled down at Graham. He was going to have to bind those beautiful hands tomorrow. Maybe make Graham ride a dildo all afternoon.

No fair, Sir. Love you.”

All’s fair in love and war, G.” He kissed the tip of the hardening prick and then slid the cock ring on, closing the snap around the base of Graham’s cock.

Graham arched, cock bobbing against his flat belly. Elliot slid his fingers up the length of Graham’s cock, the silk and the heat so good beneath his fingertips. Then he ran his hand down to play with Graham’s balls. Soft, covered in the silkiest black hair, they wrinkled and shifted, heavy in his palm.

He loved how responsive Graham was. It didn’t matter where or when; that remained the same. It was always more intense here, though, as if Graham’s body knew they had nothing but this to do here.

Elliot slid his fingers down to tease along the hot, smooth little patch of skin between balls and hole.

Oh….” Graham was slick with his seed, and Elliot could feel the strong, steady heartbeat.

He dipped a finger into Graham’s hole, and then a second one, checking, even though he knew Graham was stretched. That wrinkled hole spread for him, reminding him how far it could be worked open, how much Graham would take for him.

The first time Graham had taken his hand was etched forever in his memory. Moaning just at the memory, he pushed another finger in, pushing hard and nailing Graham’s gland. Graham’s eyes flew open, hand dropping down to brush the tip of the sweet, bound cock.

I didn’t say you could touch yourself.” He pegged Graham’s gland again.

You didn’t say I couldn’t, Sir.”

He looked at Graham. “You really want to start splitting hairs?”

Graham actually considered his words a moment. “Want to? No. No, I just wanted to push. I’m sorry.”

He raised an eyebrow. “You’re sorry….”

What do you want, Elliot? It’s been a hellish week, and I’m not perfect. I’m sorry, okay?”

Sir. You’re sorry, Sir.” It killed him to stay aloof, to not respond to Graham’s complaints. Still. This was what Graham needed. First, he obeyed, was filled, and then there would be cuddling, holding. Being.

Oh.” Graham’s cheeks went red, eyes closing. “I’m sorry, Sir.”

Good job.” He pegged Graham’s gland again as a reward. “You’re tired. We’ll get this plug in and then lie by the fire.”

I am.” Those pretty eyes opened again, showing his exhaustion. “Thank you, Sir. I am.”

https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/just-the-right-notes-sean-michael/1100249425?ean=9781635336948“I know.” He kissed Graham softly and let his fingers slip away.

The plug wasn’t very big, just enough that Graham would feel it. Elliot’s sweet size queen took it easily, happily, without complaint. That in itself spoke to how badly Graham had needed this. Graham’s body snapped around the base of the plug, making Elliot moan softly. Graham was so fucking beautiful.

There.” He stroked Graham’s belly, admiring his lover.

Mmm….” The soft, fuzzy skin goose-pimpled for him, making him smile.

He lay down next to Graham and brought their lips together, kissing softly. Man, they hadn’t just enjoyed each other in so long. Graham pressed close, cheek on Elliot’s arm. He gave Elliot a smile, a happy little sound that pushed into his lips.

Mmm… yeah. Love you.” He stroked his fingers along Graham’s skin, touching, feeling, making his lover feel good.

Yeah. Love.” Graham licked and hummed, relaxing against him.

I have such plans, G. It’s going to be a wonderful weekend.” He rubbed their noses together. “But I would like you to tell me one thing that you would like. Just one. So choose carefully.”

I want to sleep in your arms each night.” Graham didn’t even hesitate, and Elliot fought a smile. Graham had been punished two scenes ago, forced to sleep alone, and he had hated it.

Elliot pressed a kiss to Graham’s forehead. “You shall. Each night.” He would find a new way of punishing Graham if he had to.

Thank you, Sir.” Graham melted for him, giving him a big, sweet smile.

Elliot hooked his leg around the back of Graham’s, pulling him in tighter. “You’re welcome.”

They could sleep now. Touch, hold each other. Rest for a while in the small peace they’d made between them.

Tomorrow, they’d make it bigger.