Coming Soon – The New Normal – Mannies Inc 9!

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Fresh out of the hospital, wounded soldier Bradley Martin is suddenly a father of three when the mother of his young daughter, and her own set of twins, passes away. He’s overwhelmed and grateful that Mannies Incorporated have found a male nanny for him to help, not only with the kids, but with some of his needs as well. Recovering and learning to walk again is hard enough without the three children that have landed full time in his life.

David “Duffy” Dufferin has been a mannie since graduating from college, and he loves his job. He gets to be a part of so many families, and he loves helping raise all the children he works with. He’s thrilled to be starting a new assignment with a brand-new family.

Both Duffy and Brad are shocked and delighted to discover that they not only know each other, they were friends with benefits before their lives took them in different directions. Life is never going to be the same for either man, but together, they just might find that their new normal includes a happy ending for all.

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