Pushy Bottom

Darren Black has been watching beautiful, aloof sub Nikolai for some time. Nic is the pushiest bottom he’s ever seen. Doms don’t stick with him for long, but Darren plans on being the one who does.

After spending a night together in one intense scene after another, Darren introduces Nic to the pleasures of waking up with a lover.

Could Darren be the one to claim Nic?

Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Cover Artists:

He’s so fucking pushy.

I’ve never met a bottom who pushes as much as he does. I’ve been watching him for weeks as he wraps one Top after another around his little finger. He’s broken more than one. None of them can handle him. None of them are me.

He’s also stunning. His long, dark hair is a stark contrast to his pale skin. He takes marks beautifully, but he never takes many before he’s whining and complaining. He doesn’t safeword; he doesn’t have to. As I say, I’ve been watching, and tonight, I’ll make my move.


The Winter Meadow is filling up, and I’m on my second Coke. I don’t drink the hard stuff when I plan to play.

Nikolai is across the room, in the midst of a group of twinks, holding court. There’s something about the dark eyes, the grace, that makes a man’s mouth dry, makes him a little crazy.

I put my Coke down and slowly make my way toward him, my focus narrowing.

He’s telling a story, pure drama and charm, the twinks all laughing. They grow quiet as I draw near. All of them but Nikolai. Those dark eyes look me up and down, black eyeliner making them look even bigger.

I hate to admit it, even just to myself, but he does it for me.

I stare back, not letting this pushy man get to me—he’s a bottom and I’m a Top, and I’m not going to let him forget it. He tries to stare me down, tries to back me down. Instead, I take a couple steps forward.

Several of the twinks surrounding Nikolai slip away.

Master Black? Can I help you with anything?” Kane, one of the more experienced subs who has been writing something on a notebook looks up at me, smiles.

No, thank you, Kane.” I spare a smile for Kane then go back to looking at Nikolai, one of my eyebrows going up as I wait for him to acknowledge me.

The man’s teeth worry the thin bottom lip, pierced tongue flicking out. “Hey, Master Black. How’s it going?”

Good. And how are you doing, boy?”

Great. Just giving our boy Kane here a little hell. He’s going to school. Doing homework.”

And that deserves hell?”

Nic shrugs, nudging Kane with one shoulder, and it suits me to the bone that the contact seems playful, fond, not mean at all. I want to play, but I won’t abide bullying assholes. “After he teased me for a month about my job, absolutely.”

Kane sticks his tongue out at Nic and Nic grabs it, tugs. That playful charm is what draws everyone to Nic. It’s also how he escapes trouble.

Would you like to share a drink with me? When you’re done tongue-tying your friend, that is.”

Me? Sure.” Nic looks a little confused. “I can always use a little lubrication.”

Excellent.” I turn and get the attention of Royu, the bartender, and indicate a refill for myself and one for Nic. Royu will know what the lovely man is drinking tonight.

Royu nods and winks, and Nic’s lips twist. Such a moveable feast, that mouth.

You’ve never stopped to talk to me before.”

No, I haven’t.” I could just come out and tell him what I want, offer my proposal to take him on as a sub, but I want to see if he will ask, and if he does, what he will ask.


Nicky! Nicky, come dance with us?” Two little twinks bebop up, wrap around Nic, kissing his cheek.

God, he’s sexy. Beautiful.

I answer for him. “Maybe later, boys. He’s having a drink with me.”

Oh. Oh! Sorry, Master.” They are a slinky pair, rubbing together, seductive. And they make an excellent foil for Nikolai. Perhaps one day I’ll do a scene with all three of them.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. “It’s fine, boys. You didn’t know.”

Nic looks at them. “We’ll goof off later. Maybe play Spin the Bottle.”

Maybe. Don’t bank on it, though, boys.” I give them a wink then turn my attention back to Nikolai.

He looks at me, obviously curious, but doesn’t ask.

Royu brings our drinks—my Coke and his…

What the hell is that?”

Nic grins. “A flaming Dr. Pepper.” He blows the flame out with a puff.

I have to laugh. He’s a showy, beautiful, pushy boy.

Nic shoots the drink back, long throat working. “Thanks for that. Love the burn.”

Do you really?” If he does, why does he always work his way out of hard scenes with cries and whimpers and those puppy dog eyes? I want to know. No. I need to know.

Huh?” Those huge dark eyes meet mine.

You said you love the burn. Do you?”

Sure. That’s why I drink them.”

I wasn’t talking about the drink, boy.”

I get a look. “I’m no one’s boy.”

Don’t you want to be?” Surely, he wouldn’t be here if he didn’t, but his actions don’t seem to agree.

He shrugs. “What does it matter? Do you want to play or what?”

I do want to play. I should warn you though, Nikolai. I’m interested in far more than just playing.” A pushy boy like him needs someone full-time—someone who won’t be scared away by the fact he needs a strong hand.

We’ll see. I’m not the long-term type.”

No, Nikolai pushes everyone away. I have seen him do it again and again, but he hasn’t pushed me away yet. “I need your safeword, Nikolai.”

Camel.” At my look, he shrugs. “It’s what I smoke.”

It’s a filthy habit.” I tuck away the safeword in the back of my mind. I won’t forget it.

Maybe. Addictions are entertaining.”

Can be entertaining. Some are dangerous and deadly.”

That’s cool. I’m easy.” And glib. And fierce. And, I think, scared.

I touch his cheek, letting my fingers linger on the smooth skin. It’s warm, which surprises me, because he looks like he’d be cool to the touch, like porcelain.

Heat stirs in my belly, in my balls. And I keep stroking; it’s not a sudden and sharp electricity. It’s something much deeper, a warmth that grows between us. A tension full of promise.


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