Pony Play

Jack’s life is typical—typical barely-there boyfriend, typical shitty job, typical tiny apartment in the city. But when Jack is dropped off at Wellbrooke Pony Farm in the middle of nowhere, his life goes from typical to interesting in two seconds flat. A handsome groom named Daniel teaches Jack that it’s okay to want more, to be cared for, and that sometimes, a city boy just needs to be stabled.

Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Cover Artists:

Billy? Billy, what is this place?”

Billy and I have been together for a year, off and on, playing all sorts of games, but this…this is something new.

We’re standing at a farm—beautiful grounds, barns, a lovely home with a huge porch. I’m not sure why Billy brought me here, why we drove for four hours outside of the city to this bucolic place. I’m not a country mouse, not at all, and neither is Bill. Hell, to be honest, I thought Billy was going to break up with me today. I know he’s interested in someone else, and lately, I’m just not that into him.


But that’s not what happened. We’re at this…farm.

I…I have a friend that told me about it. I thought… I think you’ll find what you need here, Jack.”

What I need?” What the hell?

We both know I haven’t been giving you what you need, not deep down necessary need.”

I don’t know what you’re talking about. What the fuck is this place?”

It’s your home for two weeks. Your vacation. Your fantasy.”

Two weeks? That’s my whole vacation from the office. I hadn’t asked for it off. I hadn’t talked to my manager.

Everything’s been cleared at your work. I’ll go in and water your plants and stuff. You’re good to go.”

I am not going to just… You can’t just leave me here!”

A huge hand lands on my shoulder, solid and hot. “Jack? I’ll be your groom for your stay with us.”

Groom? What? I don’t understand…” I don’t understand any of this. I didn’t even pack a bag.

Billy turns to me. “I arranged this for you, Jack. Trust me, okay? If it doesn’t make you happy, I’ll eat my hat.”

Trust you? You bring me out here and say, ‘See you in two weeks?’”

Billy starts walking away. Just walking to the car.

The hand on my shoulder turns me, and, whoa, this guy is a stud. Tall, muscled, wearing a pair of tight riding pants, a tight turtleneck, and a riding jacket in a variety of browns. His square jaw and blue eyes are mesmerizing.

Forget him. These two weeks are about your journey.”

I don’t have my phone charger, a toothbrush. I can’t just… I don’t know where I am!”

You’re at the Wellbrooke Pony Farm, and I am Master Daniel, your groom.”

Pony farm? Me? I’m a city kid. I don’t ride.”

Daniel smiles. “You really don’t know why you’re here, do you?” My arm is taken, put on Daniel’s, and he leads me toward the barns. “Do you know what a safeword is?”

I… Yes? Yes, I… My ride is leaving.”

He’s not taking you back, boy. You should stay and at least see what I can do for you.” Daniel’s voice is deep and husky, like the best kind of whiskey.

I don’t understand. I don’t understand any of this. I don’t understand why I keep walking.

I’ll need your safeword before we go into the barns.”

Marigold. Why? I don’t…I don’t know you. I can’t do this.”

Marigold. Got it. And you don’t even know what you’re doing yet.” That voice is soothing, like Daniel is calming me.

My eyes aren’t focusing, my heart is pounding, and I’m fucking wigged the hell out.

Daniel turns me again, so we’re facing each other, one hand cupping my cheek, the other stroking along my arm. “Take a breath.”

I’m scared.”

I’m here to take care of you, colt. To teach you and help you find your place.”

M-m-my name is Jack.”

Oh, you are nervous.” Daniel leans in and kisses me, his lips warm and soft as they cover mine.

I suck in a breath and realize he tastes sweet, minty. Good.

I’m kissing a stranger.

The kiss stops briefly as he takes a breath and breathes the air into my lungs. I can’t believe that I’m standing here, breathing this in. Doing this.

His tongue slips between my lips, sliding in to taste me. His huge hands move over me, stroking along my spine. That touch is hypnotic, and I find myself leaning into it.

Such a good colt. So sweet.” The words vibrate on my lips, make me shiver a little.

He leans his forehead against mine, and it takes me a few moments to realize I’m breathing with him, following his lead without even thinking about it.

Good colt. Good boy. I’m here to make this good, for you.”

I don’t even know what that means.

I understand from your registration that you’ve never done this before.” Daniel has put my hand back on his arm and is leading me toward the barns again. We’re headed for one of the smaller ones.

I don’t know what this is.” Billy has just deserted me.

Daniel opens the door to the barn for me. “Pony play.”

Pony play.

There are no horses in the barn. It doesn’t even smell like a barn. I just shake my head, my eyes closing. Billy got into my computer. That’s the only answer. I’d been surfing and…it’s fascinating, erotic as fuck, but not real.

It can’t be real.

Daniel’s fingers slide along my cheek, warm and gentle. “I’m your groom for the next two weeks, and you’re my colt.”

This isn’t real.” I’m going to shake apart.

It doesn’t get any realer than this, colt.”

He leads me in, and I want to run, I want to, but I keep coming.

This will be your stable.” He opens a stall door, and there’s a small bed on the floor, bridles, saddles and…and tails hanging along the wall.

Stable.” I blink, my brain on tilt. Tails. There are tails with fat plugs on the end. Boots. Crops and whips, too.

It’s… I don’t have the words.

Those huge hands keep touching me, smoothing down my arms.

Along with your safeword, I need a safe gesture for when you can’t speak.”

A safe gesture? Like what?” Are we discussing this? Really?

Like a sharp cut of the air, a thumbs down…”

How do the words “sharp cut of the air” sound so intimidating?

If you can’t decide on one now, we’ll revisit it once we get to the bits.”

My brain shorts out. Daniel draws me into my…stall? We go to the cot, and he pulls me down to sit on it.

We’ll start with getting you naked.”

I sit there like an idiot, staring as he opens my shirt, opens my buttons, bares me. He smiles as he sees my double pierced nipples, nods as if he’s pleased.

They’ll take reins beautifully.”

I should go home before I make a mistake.”

Going home would be a mistake.”

He slides a finger along my breastbone, right down to my navel.

I didn’t ask for this.” Oh, God. Oh, God.

But you want it.” His hand drops to my package.

What…” I stand up, my heart fluttering, about to bolt.

Daniel stands with me, hands sliding on my skin, gentling me. “You’re hard, colt.”


He opens my jeans, smoothes them down over my hips.

He’s right—I’m hard. My cock pushes against my underwear as if trying to get his attention.

What lovely lines. Your man, he told me you have a cock piercing.”

He’s not my man.”

Daniel’s nostrils flare. “You’re unattached then?”

I’m too… It doesn’t matter.” I’m obviously too out there for a normal man, right?

I asked you a question, colt. So, the answer must matter.”

I’m not with anyone.” Billy left me here. It’s over.

A little voice in the back of my head whispers, It was over months ago.

Good.” Daniel looks like he really means that. His thumb slides across my bottom lip. “That makes me happy.”

This soft sound tears out of me, weird and wild.

He looks pleased about that as well, and for the longest moment, we stand there, staring at each other. Then he tugs my underwear off, and I’m completely naked before him.

I cover my cock with my cupped hands, the piercing at the tip tapping my arm.

His eyes drag slowly along my body, and he reaches for the ring in my prick.

It’s thick, solid, and I play with it a lot, tug it, make myself feel it. Billy hated it.

Oh, it’s a real ring. Not one of those barely there skinny ones that are mostly for show.”

It’s solid.” Am I standing here naked? Discussing this? Seriously?

He touches it, moves it through my prick. His fingers are on me, bumping the head of my cock.

I shouldn’t…” Fuck, I want to, though. I want someone to touch it other than me.

You shouldn’t what, colt?” He tugs on the ring, pulling it.

I go up on tiptoe, rock slightly. “Let you touch.”

Oh, colt, there’s no ‘letting’ about it. I’m the groom here. You’re the pony.”


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