Billy and Tanny are back again, working on their relationship and making their life together. What began in Found, and was built upon in Snared is now tested in Owned, as Billy pushes Tanny farther and harder into the world of dominance and submission, the world he knows Montana belongs in.

Billy's faith in Montana remains strong as he leads his boy through ups and downs to Tanny's subspace. That's the place where nothing else matters but the two of them; that place where the world and its worries just don't exist. That place where Montana can fly higher than he ever has before.

Things aren't going as well for everyone, though. Oliver's disappeared and Jack, his sub, doesn't know what to do. Lucky for Jack, the Hammer community, including Billy, is willing to gather around and help Jack with his needs, not to mention start looking for Oliver. Billy just hopes that they can find Oliver before something terrible happens, and that Montana can find it in him to forgive the Hammer's founding father for what he did before it's too late.

Publisher: Self-Published
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