Lemon Drops

Book Cover: Lemon Drops
Part of the Hard Candy series:

Denny and Cain are back and learning all about each other, playing games that make Cain blush and make Denny as happy as he's ever been. They're getting along great, but Cain doesn't want Denny to think he needs financial support.

When Cain gets even deeper into money trouble, he hesitates to tell Denny, even though he wants to. He knows he's in love, but he's just not sure he can trust what he feels. Can Denny convince Cain that what they have is real?

**Publisher's Note: This is a revised and updated version of a previously released title.

Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Cover Artists:

Denny walked down the aisle in front of Cain, who was pushing the cart. They were stocking up before heading back to his place. Steak, eggs, bread and jam. They’d have to stop at the candy aisle and make sure they picked up more Cherry Sours, some Gummi Bears, and maybe, they’d find something new to suck on. Besides each other. Chuckling, he turned into the hygiene aisle.

They also needed more shaving equipment. Fresh blades, a nice clean smelling shaving foam or gel, some cream to care for Cain’s skin post-shaving. It was a serious business.


Serious and sexy.

He dropped back until he and Cain were side by side again, waiting for his lover’s reaction to where they were. Cain’s cheeks were pink and smooth, teeth chewing on that full bottom lip.

What do you think, darlin’? We should buy stock in Schick, shouldn’t we?”

I… You’re obsessed.” He got a wink, a little smile.

Oh, that made him laugh, and he gave Cain a hug. “Do you blame me?” he asked, hand sliding along Cain’s smooth cheek. “You’re so very fine, darlin’.” The skin was heated, soft, perfect. All his.

Denny. I’m just.” Cain hugged him tight, head shaking. “I’m just me.”

You are not just anything, darlin’.” He planted a hard kiss on Cain. He’d convince Cain of that eventually. He was stubborn enough to wait out Cain’s self-doubt.

Now. I want you to choose some stuff. Nothing too smelly.” He liked the way Cain smelled and didn’t see any reason to cover that up with an ‘arctic storm’ or a ‘spring sport’ scent.

What kind of stuff, Denny? Aftershave? Lotion?”

Lotion, shaving gel, razors.” It made his prick hard, just talking about shaving Cain, smoothing out that sexy body.

Denny loved the way Cain swallowed, the way those eyes traced his face before his sweet baby looked toward the shelf. Cain picked a gel that smelled minty and a bottle of aftershave. Denny threw in several packages of razors, adding a lotion.

Where to next? Drawing supplies? Sweets?”

I have lots of supplies that I still haven’t unpacked. We need toilet paper.”

He’d managed to convince Cain to pack a few boxes of things and bring them to his place so that Cain could stay for more than a night or two at a time. Eventually they’d make it permanent.

Cain would see.

Toilet paper it is. And then I think we should head home. I’m itching to put those new razors to good use.”

I haven’t got any interviews tomorrow. I could come back with you.”

That was the plan, darlin’.” He wasn’t shopping for one here.

Yeah.” Cain nodded, leaned toward him.

He slid his hand into Cain’s back pocket and guided them slowly toward the cash registers. “What should we shave tonight, darlin’?”


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