Joel and Brent

Untried and virginal, Joel still knows he’s looking to be pushed. He wants to give up control, but he wants to fight, as well. Auctioning himself off for six months of no-holds-barred subbing is the only solution he can come up with to getting what he wants.

Master Brent believes he’s the only man for the job of giving Joel the experience of a lifetime. He can give Joel what he really need. But once the contract is up, will Brent and Joel go their separate ways? Or have they found something together that is far more than either of them could have hoped for?

Publisher's Note: Joel & Brent (Shibari Auction House Duet) contains the previously published novellas Joel (Shibari Auction House) and Brent (Shibari Auction House).

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artists:

Okay, he was an idiot.

Like a total, fucked-up idiot.

Joel stood at the doorway to the stage at the Shibari Auction House, naked as the day he was born and ready to auction himself off, ostensibly for cash. That was the deal though, wasn't it? It wasn't about the cash, although that part didn't suck. Joel was here for the fantasy of a fucking lifetime.

"Gentlemen, please welcome the beautiful Joel."


That was his cue, and he walked into the room. It was devoid of trappings and people -- there was only the stage. Or was it a catwalk? That's what they called it when models walked along it, right? Although he imagined there weren't too many models who were naked in front of their audience.

He was. Naked and entirely exposed and he couldn't even see his audience. For all he knew, there wasn't even anybody there to bid on him.

"He is offering a six-month contract with very few limitations. Joel is willing to serve a stern master, and he is offering a near-virginal body with no body mods, no ink. Shave him, plug him, pierce him, ink him -- he's eager to bend to your will, to see how far you can push him before he breaks."

The announcer had barely finished introducing him when the panel at the other end of the catwalk thing started lighting up with bids.

Joel flexed, tossed his hair and tried to look confident, strong. Hot. His belly was a bundle of nerves, but damn it, he wanted this and he wasn't fucking strong enough to ask for it. So this seemed like the only logical solution. Crazy, maybe, but he couldn't figure out any other way to get what he wanted. No, what he needed was more accurate.

The bids kept getting higher and higher. He knew six months was a long time and he'd basically put himself at someone's feet, under their total control, but it was still a little surprising. At least he knew there were people out there bidding and that they liked what they saw.

Joel was more than half hard now, balls heavy at the idea of this new life, at the knowledge he was going to get it. He heard the word "Sold," and the lights dimmed, though they didn't go out. That meant it was done, right? He turned to go, not sure what he was doing, what he was supposed to do next. He'd never sold himself before.

The door at the back opened, the lady who'd helped him get ready earlier motioning for him to come back. She gave him a warm smile. It was neat, the way she could look at him naked, check him out and make sure he was presenting himself at his best, but not have that approving smile be in the least bit... leering or vulgar. "That's amazing, honey. We haven't had that big a take in a while."

"Yeah? Oh, God. I think I need to sit down." He'd just sold himself for six months. Sold. Himself. Oh, God.

"Come on. I'll take you to the room you're meeting your new master in." She put a robe around his shoulders. "You did say you wanted to go to him completely nude and free of possessions, right?"

"Yes. Yes, ma'am." Oh, he was going to have a meltdown. It was really settling in now. "You said you would hold everything? My three boxes?" He'd just given himself over for a sick fantasy. There was no turning back now. Except there probably was a way out, but he knew he wasn't going to take it.

"We will. You can come pick your stuff up anytime." She gave him an encouraging smile.

"Thanks." Oh, God. Oh, God. What had he done? What was he doing? His stupid cock wasn't having the same doubts, oh no, not at all.

There was a knock on the door and it was the first time the lady's mask slipped. "Oh, God. I'm supposed to be out of here before he gets here." She rushed to the door, letting someone else in as she left.

Oh, God, here it was. Joel didn't know whether to breathe or throw up. He settled on holding his breath.

Fuck. The man who came in was gorgeous. Tall and bronze, with dark hair and eyes that looked like they didn't miss a thing. The strong body was covered in a nice pair of dark slacks and a dark blue shirt that fit impeccably, no tie.

Joel stood, refusing to back down, refusing to be ashamed of what he needed. He managed to remind himself to take a breath, too, mostly because he didn't want to pass out.

The man looked him up and down, the gaze slow, almost physical, and Joel's body tightened, his belly rippling with his need.

"What's your name, boy?" The man's voice was deep, husky. Very sexy...


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