James paid seventy-five thousand dollars for a week of Leaf's time. But Leaf is falling for James and wants what's between them to be real, so he returns the money, much to James's disbelief, and joy.

Can what started as a transaction turn into a happily ever after for James and Leaf? Find out in this continuation of Shibari Auction House: Leaf.

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artists:

James leaned over Leaf's slender shoulder, his boy's wavy brown hair tickling his cheek, and watched as his boy refunded the auction money. He couldn't quite believe that the man he'd paid seventy-five thousand dollars for a week at an auction wanted to be here with him just because it was what he wanted, no money, no strings attached. He couldn't quite believe they would have more than just a week. Seventy-five thousand was a hell of a lot of money to give up. A hell of a lot.

He kissed the top of Leaf's head. "You're amazing." Innocent, untried, eager, sensual, a natural sub who wanted him for him, not for his money. It didn't get much better than this.


"Thank you." Leaf looked up at him and those pretty green eyes met James'. "Now we're just two men, together."

"I don't think you are a 'just' anything." James rubbed their noses together; he was the luckiest man in the world, really. "And I know there's no 'just' about the things I can't wait to do to you."

"So what happens now, James?" There was such trust in Leaf's eyes; it was amazing and somewhat humbling. James cleared his throat. "My week is clear. I assume yours still is too, right?"

"Yes. Yes, I don't have much to worry about." Leaf shrugged. "I quit my job at the restaurant."

Leaf didn't have a job and had still returned the money. James leaned in to kiss his boy. "Why did you do that?"

"You'll think I'm silly." Color tinged Leaf's cheeks.

"I haven't yet." Now James was intrigued.

"I have a friend, Liam. He's a psychic and he told me change was coming and I had to be ready."

James wasn't sure he believed in psychics, but the sentiment behind it touched his heart. "So you quit for me?"

"I believe so, yes." Leaf was so earnest.

James gave Leaf a warm smile. "I'd better make it worth your while then."

"You will. We'll manage." Again, the trust Leaf afforded him was astounding.

"We seem to have managed so far." He closed the laptop and slid his hands down over Leaf's chest, fingers rubbing past the little nipples. He might need to break out the clamps again.

"We have. I need to call the restaurant, though, ask them to take me back next week, then I'm yours."

"What were your hours like when you worked there?" He wanted their free time to sync.

Leaf sighed. "I worked the supper shift. Three to midnight."

James frowned. "That's not very convenient." With those hours they'd hardly ever see each other and he wanted access to his boy beyond a few hours together in bed and the occasional day off.

"No. I have Sunday and Mondays off, usually." Leaf shrugged. "I'm trying to get into school, but it takes time."

James sighed. "We'll work something out. You're more than worth the effort."

If Leaf had taken that money, he could have gone to school with it. Leaf's dreams could have come true. Yet, Leaf felt trying a relationship based on honesty, on how they felt was more important. It meant a lot that Leaf had put his priorities there. In the two of them.

James tilted Leaf's head and brought their lips together.

Leaf opened up to him, moaning softly, groaning into his lips. He drew Leaf up out of his chair, tugging until they were pressed together and he could deepen the kiss.

James was going to make sure it was worth it for his sweet boy. He didn't want Leaf to ever regret this choice.

His hands drifted down to cup Leaf's ass. Leaf's moan was like music, soft and sweet. He wanted to tan this. With his hand first, then with a paddle, a flogger. He wanted to make Leaf shine and sing for him. He wanted Leaf to twist and shiver.


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