In the Hearts of Tigers

Book Cover: In the Hearts of Tigers

Malik and Rishi are tiger shifters who live and love in a world far away from man. At least until a lord of some manor comes exploring and Rishi is kidnapped and hauled away in a cage. Rishi has never lived as a man, but Malik know what humans are capable of, and he’s desperate to get his mate back.

Lynn is the lord’s valet, and when everyone else goes missing, he has no idea what to do. Then he meets the human Malik and thinks he’s either been saved or he’s about to die. When Malik ends up owing Lynn a life debt, Malik and Rishi must teach Lynn how to survive in the jungle, and how to live and love among tigers.

*Note: This is a darker alternate universe shifter story that was featured in the Shifting II anthology. The publisher has changed

Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Artists:

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