Dirty Kisses, Volume 1

Book Cover: Dirty Kisses, Volume 1
Part of the Dirty Kisses series:

Find out just how dirty kisses can be in these five Sean Michael stories of men falling in love.

In Dirty Kisses, ski chalet guest Bussy is into twinks and Quint is the opposite of a twink. Still, could the shy bartender be what Bussy's been looking for all along?

In the second book, Art and Snowflakes, a pair of exes are reunited. It’s been ten years, can Dave and Jaxsom rekindle their romance now that artist Jax is clean and sober?

Next up is Silver Edges. Isaiah and Braxton are Olympic speed skaters. They train together, eat together, love together. Will an accident tear them apart, or bring them even closer together?

In Living the Dream, Went is just fulfilling doctor’s orders by going to Lake Tahoe for a vacation. Could he get far more than he bargained for when he meets free-spirit Chip?

And finally, in A Cowboy Out of Texas, when Sam’s hurt at a rodeo in Canada, Pat is the nurse assigned to his case. It’s easy enough to fall in love with the handsome nurse, what’s going to be harder for this Texas cowboy is finding a way to stick around.

Dirty Kisses, Art and Snowflakes, Silver Edges, Living the Dream and A Cowboy Out of Texas were all previously published as individual stories by Amber Quill Press.

Publisher: Self-Published
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