Body Modifications

Isaac and his Master Aubrey have been together for five years. In that time, Isaac has had numerous tattoos and piercings, his master slowly modifying his body, re-creating him. Now, though, his master has decided that it’s time for subdermal implants, pearls to begin with, in a very sensitive area.

Isaac isn’t sure about the idea, but he trusts his master with all of himself and is more than willing to take this journey deeper into body modifications, knowing it will bring them closer than ever. Only time will prove whether his trust is rewarded.

* Body Modifications is part of the Sealed With a Kink series but is a standalone romance.

Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Cover Artists:

God, I’m stressed out.

My master, my lover, my best friend, my transformer—he wants to modify me, make me...more than what I am.

We started slowly. A tattoo, nipples pierced. Another tattoo. Things that were fairly easy, if intense. Things that were... normal, more or less.


Today, though....pearling. We’re going to have five pearls inserted beneath the skin of my penis. I’ve been looking at the pictures on the web for days, examining them, trying to imagine my penis with large bumps in it. I can’t fathom it, and I laugh at the sites that go on and on about how the piercings make intercourse better. I don’t foresee my master bottoming in the near future.

He says it’ll make masturbation better too, not that I’m allowed to touch myself. The thought of Master Aubrey’s hand around me, sliding over pearls inside me as he jacks me, that does make me shiver. And making his touch, which is already wonderful, even better, sounds good.

Isaac.” Master Aubrey says my name like it’s not the first time he’s said it. Or the second. Or possibly even the fifth time.

Master?” God, he’s beautiful. Tall and strong, his dark eyes piercing me. His body is covered in tattoos as well, each one enhancing his muscles, his shape, his form.

Is everything all right? I’ve been talking to you and finally realized you hadn’t heard a word I said.”

I was...stressing,” I admit. “I’m sorry, Master. I was in my own head.”

Ah, I might have guessed that.” He pulls me up into a hug, his body warm and solid, and everything I need it to be. He’s everything I need him to be.

It’s a relatively easy procedure and the healing time is less than it was for the nipple rings.” He touches my rings as he speaks of them, flicking both in my left nipple, then tugging on the two in right one.

Yes, Master.” In his arms, fear becomes anticipation and nerves. Always. I know he has my best interests at heart. I know he wants the best for me and of me.

We’ve been working toward this for five years. I totally understand your nerves, but I have to admit—I’m excited.”

I can tell he is—despite his regular morning blow-job, Master Aubrey is hard again. I can feel the delightful press of him against me even through his clothes. I don’t wear any, at his order, and the feeling of his clothed body against mine is rather intoxicating. Not to mention addictive.

My body responds immediately to his, hardening for him and I resist the urge to beg, to rub and rock and touch.

I am rewarded for my control when Master Aubrey tilts my head and takes my mouth. The kiss is hard and heavy with anticipation, with love and the need for connection. I melt against him as he owns me with his kiss.

His hand is on my ass, fingers tracing the pattern of the swirls of ink there. He knows every inch of me by heart, my shape, my tattoos, every bit of me. I can’t hide a thing from him.

My boy,” he whispers, moving us slowly toward the playroom. Not the living room or the bedroom, but in the opposite direction. He’s about to give me something other than the coming pearling to focus on.

My master.” I am his. Wholly. I’ve given him control over every inch of me. And scary as some of the things he’s asked and will ask me to do are, it brings me such peace and joy to be fully in his hands.

We slip into the playroom with its huge frosted windows that let in light but give us complete privacy. It’s very bright this morning, the sun shining. I stretch under the light, loving how my master’s eyes travel over me. I don’t assume anything. There are options here, he could chain me to the wall, bend me over a bench, lie me down on the bed, or set me in any number of other positions. I simply wait for his desire.


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