Below is a list of Sean’s contemporary books.

A Family of His Own – Mannies Incorporated, Contemporary, Self-Published

Almost – Pride Publishing, Contemporary

Amnesia – Contemporary, Pride Publishing

And Manny Makes Seven – Mannies Incorporated, Contemporary, Self-publishing

Broken Road – Contemporary, Self-published

Catching a Second Wind – Contemporary, self-published

Cupcakes – Contemporary, Dreamspinner Press

Dirty Kisses, Volume 1 – Anthology, contemporary, self-published

Dirty Kisses, Volume 2 – Anthology, contemporary, self-published

Dog Tags and Cowboy Boots – Jarheads, Anthology, Contemporary, self-published

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – Jarheads, Contemporary, self-published

End of the Line – Contemporary, self-published

Everyday Stories – Jarheads, Anthology, Contemporary, self-published

Fallen Angel – BDSM, Contemporary, Self-published

Fine as Frog Hair – Contemporay, Self-Published

First Day of School – Mannies Incorporated, Contemporary, Self-published

First Steps – Contemporary, Dreamspinner Press

From the Get Go – Contemporary, Dreamspinner Press

Guardian Angel – Contemporary, Resplendence Publishing

Guarding January – Contemporary, Dreamspinner Press

Hiding in the Snow – contemporary, self-published

Torn – Contemporary, Self-published